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amelia tan

Agent: Ingrid Elfver-Ryan
singapore, Singapore


Hullo! I don't really have much of a bio, as I'm as yet unpublished and basically unknown. I'm from Singapore, and in case you don't know where that is, it's in South-East Asia. I won't reveal exactly how old I am, but let's just say I am quite young. I'm actually on the look out for an agant, preferbly someone from a western country, as I write Romance novels, and Asia don't really publish a whole lot of them. I need an agant who will be willing to communicate online, as it would be quite impossible for me to go to where ever s/he is. So, that's it! I will try to publish a part of the novel I'm working on as soon as possible, so you guys can tell me what you think. Bye!

Interests: writing, of cause! :) And other rather common stuff, like bowling, movies, and an avid reader.

Published writer: No

Freelance: No