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Thoko Banda

Berlin, Germany


Home page:

AOL: zaniwisdomworld

Having lived for four decades, in four distinct cultures, on
four continents, and having overcome life on the margins
of society under a brutal dictatorship and as a State-less
refugee, I have been fortunate to draw from insights and
experiences gained while serving in the influential
corridors of global diplomacy. A passionate human rights
advocate, I completed my higher education in Ohio, USA,
before embarking on a career in which I was able to
participate in meaningful decision-making processes as
well as to see the actual effects or lack thereof of such
decisions. Having left the world of diplomacy in order to
dedicate my time to the power of the pen and spoken
word, I spend my timesharing empowerment through
one-on-one coachings, writing, public speaking,
consulting on socioeconomic cooperation, social
commentary and advocacy.

Interests: Spirituality, self-empowerment, international cooperation and governance, romance, poetry,sensuality

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • The Storyteller: an amazing poetic journey of hope and harmony
  • In Love Again (Ms. Forever series)
  • the Wisdomworld Diaries '06
  • Up Close (Ms. Forever series)
  • Whose World (Ms. Forever series)
  • Towa & Raz (adventures from Towa's travels)
  • Walk the Walk (Ms. Forever series)