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Johan Opperman

Wellington, South Africa


Many years ago, I was elated to receive a letter from a magazine who told me that my short story had been accepted for publication. Many rejections and acceptances followed after that. The I tried my hand at a novel, had it accepted for publication, then another ...and then quite a number were rejected.
Recently, I had work published that was aimed at small children, by two different publishers.
Then I decided to try something different and I produced the first of my graphic novels - but with a difference. My work is on a CD which the reader has to put into his computer in order to enjoy the story as told by means of pictures, sound effects, background music, text and voices doing the dialogue.
One of these was an interactive, multimedia story for kids from 4 to 8 with puzzles and games, all aimed at testing how well they understood what they have been told.
The next was a story for older kids, say 8 to 12, with pictures, text and sound.
The third, recently completed, is a story for teenagers, minimum age 16 and deals with the problems they have on the road to maturity - their constant confrontation by sex, drugs, accepting authority and growing up in general. A sad story, but with a happy ending.
My graphic novels are in two languages and the reader can select the one he is most familiar with. There are many, many more pictures than in most existing graphic novels, because I want the reader to see rather than describe to him, such things as emotions, action and so on.

Interests: Writing and painting

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes