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Rita Thurman Barnes

Bartlesville, Oklahoma, United States


I grew up in the the oil-rich town of Bartlesville, Oklahoma in the far NE corner of the state. Our community is steeped in history including holding the honor of one of the first oil wells drilled in Oklahoma, the Nellie Johnstone and being the long-time home of the internationally known Phillips Petroleum Company.

I love writing about the people of "Green Crountry" as NE Oklahoma is now called and about the many people both living and dead who made this region what it is today: simply one of the best areas of the country in which to live.

I started writing as a result of mailing topical letters to the editor of our newspaper in Bartlesville, the Examiner-Enterprise, and as a result ended up becoming a nostalgia columnist. My books were the outgrowth of my newspaper work.

I'm having an absolutely wonderful time telling the story of my favorite neck of the woods and the wonderful people who inhabit it today and in days gone by.

My work can be seen at and includes: "Bartlesville Portraits - Volumes I and II", "Once Upon a Time in Bartlesville". "Wildcats Forever - and The Class of '63".

Contact by email or 918 331 3565

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Published works:


  • Once Upon a TIme in Bartlesville
  • Wildcats Forever! - The College HIgh Class of 1963
  • Bartlesville Portraits II
  • Wildcats Forever! - The College HIgh Class of 1963
  • Wildcats Forever! - The College HIgh Class of 1963
  • Other

  • Bartlesville Portraits - Volume One