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Mervyn Graham

Ontario, Other Canada, Canada


New to poetry and discovering the beauty of the written word. I've only been writing for some two years, friends are telling me that I should be published, so here I am.

I am a 48 year old young fella from Scotland trying to make a new start in Canada.

I include one of my "works" below. If you happen to stumble over it and feel compelled to comment, please e-mail me.

New Foundations

The world gasped as it witnessed
That evil act of terror and destruction
All eyes wide in horror and disbelief
Our minds racing, hearts feeling your pain

Tears welling up inside us, flowing now
We are trying to comprehend this deed
But wait, the horrors not yet over
The towers of strength now start to crumble

We can only guess at how you feel
Your pain and anguish, your worry
Seeing your sons and daughters perish in the flames and dust
And in your time of need, words seem simple, useless

How will you all recover with so many good people lost
Pride in your country, your flag and your freedom
Will see you through your time of need
And with the world sending you our love to help repair hearts ripped by pain

Then from the ashes and rubble of those once great towers
You will rebuild and grow, like a rebirth
With the sprits of those beautiful people
Guiding your hands to form manhattans new foundations, a New York New York

BY Mervyn Graham

Interests: Short stories and poetry.......

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes