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Gwynne Conlyn

Magaliessig, South Africa


Always hungry for information, award winning travel and food writer and broadcaster Gwynne Conlyn traverses the country – and indeed, the continent and the world - endlessly.

Enamoured, happily, of both, she loves nothing more than travelling around chatting to chefs, picking up the latest gossip about food trends, and surrendering to the gastronomic lures of the latest culinary kids on the block - all in the name of research.

Her passion for the hard-working behind-the-scenes people in the travel and restaurant industries reminds her, she says, of the story about the food writer in France who begs a restaurant owner for the recipe of something particularly delicious. The owner retorts: "No, no, no, monsieur! It’s not the what, it’s the who!"

Gwynne was born in the Free State, grew up in Namibia and studied Speech and Drama at Pretoria University. She tried to emigrate twice and lived in Israel in the early 1970s, then in New York in the early 1980s. Each time she returned, hankering after that indefinable something that has most South Africans returning.

Before surrendering to the precarious life of the freelance journalist, she worked for the Vrye Weekblad.

She is a freelance journalist with an exclusive focus on food and travel. She writes on a regular basis for some of the major local magazines (Food & Home, Country Life, Sawubona) and newspapers (Sunday Times, Saturday Star Travel) in this country.

In her capacity as restaurant critic she is also regional editor for the prestigious annual restaurant guide, Eat Out.

Her radio show, ‘Delicious Travel’ is simulcast on 702 Talk Radio and 567 Cape Talk every Saturday at lunch time in South Africa. Listen to her by logging on to

There aren’t many things that Gwynne Conlyn loves more than travelling.

But, she says that travelling satisfies so many other passions, such as the finding the idiosyncratic and quirky in the countryside; experiencing the exquisite silence of the bush, the individuality and gentle eccentricities of the people who choose to live in the outback, and tracing secret blue-chip destinations.

Gwynne’s tireless quest is also for the perfect meal, prepared lovingly by a chef hiding away in the folds of the countryside, focused exclusively on satisfying the hungry – and discerning- traveller.

She has criss-crossed South Africa in various types of aircraft (including a hot air balloon), on motorbike, in various types of motor vehicles, on boats - and in scuba gear.

She has regressed to her childhood in tree houses and on trains, surrendered her naked body to the stillness of the bush, been deposited on a deserted mountain-top to drink chilled champagne, worn motor bike leathers from top to toe in 44 degree temperatures, and succumbed to the most sublime of meals in the outback of the Drakensberg.

The book rediscovers history, traces treasures down hidden paths, discovers quiet chefs creating miracles. It surprises, inspires, and lures the armchair – and itinerant - traveller to see South Africa through Gwynne’s eyes.

Interests: Travel and food

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Delicious Travel