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Renna Bruce

Guelph, Ontario, Canada


Home page:

Renna Bruce is the children's author of the "Jazlyn J" alphabet series. The daughter of a military man, she never dreamed she would settle in one place long enough to finish a story! However, she was raised to always look on the bright side, and this was the focus that would soon be the concept of her children's books.

The series was encouraged by her 6 year old son, when a nightly bedtime ritual became something the whole family looked forward to. "Favourite Parts of the day is a special time for us," Bruce shares. "We save up all the good events of the day to share and then take turns sharing them before we go to sleep for the night. This leaves us closing our eyes with positive thoughts in our heads, and sometimes, something to look forward to the next day!"

At the end of each Jazlyn J book, the main character and her family do the same thing, after the day's events, usually learning an important life lesson.

Seeing the benefits of positivity in this series, Walter Gretzky, Colin Mochrie and Tom Cochrane have all written forewords for three of the books.

Renná does guest speaking and book signing tours. Her love of performing comes naturally in her family of Hams! (She is also an amateur radio operator, a tradition passed down from her grandfather, father and uncle.)

Interests: Reading, badminton, walking, writing, watching hockey.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:

Children's Literature

  • Jazlyn J's Favourite Parts of the Day
  • Jazlyn J's Birthday Celebration
  • Jazlyn J Gets a Goal
  • Jazlyn J's Key
  • Jazlyn J's Bad Hair Day
  • Jazlyn J's Computer Confusion
  • Jazlyn J's Ideal Instrument
  • Jazlyn J's Money Matters
  • Jazlyn J's Lesson in Luck
  • Jazlyn J's Day of Danger
  • Jazlyn J's Present Problem
  • Jazlyn J Learns Her Address
  • Jazlyn J Expresses Herself
  • Jazlyn J's Just Jealous