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v. karcz

versailles, France


AOL: vckarcz

As an Asian lady, I've always felt there was never enough books about how Asian women
feel and what they go through. The only time an Asian woman could be free to write and
express herself is when she's been able to establish herself in either the States or the
U.K., and oftentimes, these lady writers would be either Oriental or Indian ones.

Asian tradition and culture differ, and when one is able to see and experience not only
Asian tradition and culture but that of another older world - Europe, it makes for an
amazing contrast of differences and surprising similarities.

I've always thought to put my observation of life down in a book and always felt I had to
finish my writings. I will do it . It's been a colourful life too, and one that brings with it
personalities, lessons and understanding which one day I hope to transfer in simple
story form to my daughter so she too, can benefit from the life I've led and the people I've
encountered. I will finish my books in France, where I dreamt one day, I'd write from and
where I'd feel the spirits of creativity and freedom strongly and enticingly.

Interests: Who can resist travelling the world and learning from life's experiences? Meeting souls who somehow are meant to cross and walk a path with you,either fleetingly or for some length of time. Realising that no matter how much you know and how much you c

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