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Ericka Delisme

Tampa, Florida, United States


She Writes
Words to come to life
Inspiring lines that shine
Hoping they will take away
Her hidden pain

She cries
Late at night
Cause her dreams far from near
As the depressing cycle replays
Her pain reveals

Sheís exposed
Now too many know
Great relief her dreams she meets

Made for Me
There are some emotions hidden deep inside
Far away so I wonít suffer from heart ache
Now the rhythm of his voice has opened my store
Making me feel like a little girl, wanting more.
When I look into your eyes, forever is all I see.
When you touch me, Iím so mesmerized
I wanna loose the innocence inside.
My spirit canít help but glow.
Thoughts of you, makes my smile grow.
Through your light,
Iíve found the wisdom and strength to grow.
Iím eager to let you know, Iím so thankful
Your love is unconditional.
Like the ocean and the wind,
Creating waves to kiss the sand,
You were made for me.

Job Interview
Iím sittiní at the table a little frustrated
As they spectate and debate
Whether she has what it takes

But little do they know
I can hold my own weight
Iím not here to hear them validate
I already know I have what it takes

See I need nobodyís permission
To compete my mission
Just a little help with the transition

Soon theyíll see and come around
To respect and appreciate my sound
Till then, I have to deal with the wait

Why havenít they called me yet?!
Donít they know
I have all the potential to be great?

Interests: Writing poems, songs, short stories, working on movie scripts, Computers - I can program in over 5 computer languages, Cars, Arts - painting, pictures, etc. and Fashion.

Published writer: No

Freelance: No


Published works:


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  • Money Trail
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