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George O'Doherty

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N.Ireland, Ireland


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Hello All,

I am based in the six northeastern counties of Ireland, which as in the past, and currently, is under Direct Rule from London. Local elections were abolished (or “suspended”) earlier this year, due to claims that certain parties are not living up to the Good Friday Agreement, signed on that pre-Easter day, in 1998.

I come from the nationalist/republican minority (43%) and have been writing since my mid-teens, edited a few newsletters, wrote for local papers, penned a few poems, and had two books published, in 1994 and 1998.

The first book was aptly, from my point of view, entitled “Ulster’s White Negroes – from Civil Rights to Insurrection” (AK PRESS). The foreword was written by another civil rights leader, Mrs. Bernadette Mc Aliskey (nee Devlin) - Member of Parliament for Mid-Ulster in the early 70s' It was semi-autobiographical, being a co-founder of NICRA in 1967. The second was a history of my own native clan, “O’Doherty – People and Places” (Ballinakella Press, Whitegate Co. Clare).

I have in recent years finished three other works, one on Irish genealogy, a second on folklore and history and the last is a collection (mainly articles) composed throughout what has been termed “The Troubles” (1969-96).

I know little or nothing of the e-book business, but I have started to research such via yahoo. It is difficult to know which publishers in the USA have a good track record, are “author-friendly” (in every sense of the word), and those which might be interested in the nature of the three works outlined. I have no doubt that there is a “market” for such works, as I am told there are around some 77 million people (besides on St. Patrick’s Day) who consider themselves to be Irish-Americans.

I wish to have a go at turning these works into e-books, as I am not interested in traditional publishing houses, on this side of the Atlantic, for I fully understand the nature of restrictive laws which are conscious attacks on freedom of expression. Minority voices I fear are thereby marginalized, and undoubtedly intimidated, by diverse interests. While I admire those that can, I have never written fiction, and I consider my work to be highly factual. These works have taken up several years of my life, and none of us are going to live forever. I’d like to see these in cyberspace, with a POD facility to boot. and with a little help, hopefully, ASAP.

No doubt there will be some that read this who become immediately hostile – others may be pleased at what I write. If any of the latter can be of assistance I would be forever grateful.

Throughout my life I have assisted other writers, authors, film-markers and researchers, drawing on my own library, or the resources of our clan association (Est. in the USA, 1984) et al. As I now care for my elderly mother, (95), I have that little bit more time on hand than in previous years. I work from home, which doubles as a centre for a number of community groups, to which I belong. I am also the forum administration of a number of Irish-related bulletin boards.

Should you require any further information, do not hesitate to ask.

Thanking you for your kind attention to this correspondence.

“Irish George”

Interests: history, politics, current affairs, Irish culture including genealogy & folklore.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes