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Shrinivas Sharangpani

Pune, India


Home page:

I was born in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India on 30th October 1949. My father was a professor of English but as he became blind in his middle age, he had to run private coaching classes. He was an authority in English literature. My mother too was an MA in English. Both of them were writers and have a number of short stories, articles and books to their credit. Looking at their enthusiasm and reasonable success I turned to writing in spite of having chosen a technical career.

I am a graduate engineer in Metallurgy and I am, working in a large auto company developing passenger cars and other vehicles.

I possess expertise in materials and manufacturing processes, product development and cost reduction. I have many technical / research papers to my credit. I have been invited by universities and institutions to deliver lectures on diversified topics.

I started writing sometime during my college days. Over last 30 years or so I have written a number of short stories, poems and other articles. My earlier writing is in my native language Marathi. However, around the year 2000 I turned my attention to writing in English. This resulted in my English novel 'Manipulations' getting published in US and Canada.

My marathi novel on political opportunism, its corruption, NRI involvement and terrorism was published in 1992 and was adjudged as one of the best books published in 1992. I have written another novel in Marathi about the life of a young girl who aspires to become a top film star. At present I am simultaneously writing two sci-fi novels in English - first about a manned mission to Mars and the second on the creation of universe. I am also working on a book in English called 'My God', which takes a look at the idea of what God or the supreme consciousness would be like and discusses different aspects of life like fate, death and consciousness as well as future of humanity.

I like to write in any genre and have written plays, screenplays, poetry, lyrics and many other forms.

Interests: Writing in any genre, experimenting like collaborative writing, sci-fi, painting, public speaking and travelling.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Manipulations