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Erik Harlow

9001 Owensmouth Ave Unit 3, Unit 38
Canoga Park, California, United States


Home page:

Erik P Harlow was born in 1975, and raised on Star Trek, Star Wars and the
Princess Bride. He is now a project manager at a mobile advertising company in
Los Angeles, and spends his free time writing. He enjoys the challenges of
creativity and loves attention to detail. Fantasy and science fiction have always
been a source of wonder to him, sparking his imagination and calling him to
research and broaden his knowledge of the worlds beyond our own, as well as the
wondrous possibilities of the future. In college, his main focus was the study of
physics, something he uses to better understand this world and define the worlds
he loves to create. His interest in science keeps him reading up on as many new
discoveries as he can find. Science plays an important set-piece role in his writing,
and he enjoys taking liberties with projections about new tech and theories that
haven’t yet passed into hard scientific law.

Through his writing, he has discovered a singular joy drawn from presenting his
take on the human condition as it shines amidst fantastic settings. He feels that
good science fiction and fantasy is driven by great characters, and how they react
to the impossible is what draws him in. Their epic or personal struggles in a world
without limits is the most honest of expressions.

While he was at JIRBO, he had the honor of developing the characters, monsters,
settings, story and quests used in their RPG title, Sovereign: Kingdoms. He also
led the content development and provided art direction for the project. It was a fast-
paced, time-intensive, hands-on undertaking that was profoundly rewarding.

His career in the arts over the years has spanned from theater, with roles such as
Brutus, Peter Quince and Robin Hood--and which led to his membership with the
International Thespian Society--to working in television for a short while, to playing
bass in a local rock band for eight years. He has been running various RPG’s over
the years, which fuels his creative spark, and currently belongs to a gaming society
based in Los Angeles.

Additionally, he has written numerous short stories, and has completed two novels
to date: Shadow Galatic and The Eldritch Storm. He is currently working on the
second in his science fiction series, a sequel to Shadow Galactic. He is a part of
Protoslag Press's upcoming "E-Writers Group for Reading Original Standout

Interests: Writing, physics, music, drawing, painting, gaming, history, science, science fiction and fantasy

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Shadow Galactic
  • The Eldritch Storm