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Roziana Rashid

Ampang, Malaysia


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Yahoo: anarashid

My love for writing began when I was still in primary school - I would write short stories and short plays that were staged by my class as well as the drama club of the schools I attended. While I started writing simple love stories, I have now developed a passion to write rea life experiences, be they about work, home or the children.

I am now 46 years of age, maried with 2 young children. I have left full time employment after almost 15 years of being in the concrete jungle to want to work from home. Some may say my decision was not a wise one especially under the present economic situation - but then I believe there never would be a "right time". You just know it when it comes. And my "right time" was then - coincidently 4 July 2003 was the last day of my full-time employment.

I am now a freelance trainer/personal coach, translator and of course, writer! Well, since working on my own, I have had the opportunity to write for a local publisher in English - a short story for their magazine. I am now completing the first manuscript of a series of 4 books on customer service - in Bahasa Malaysia. Also in the pipeline, a series of English story books for young children.

Of course, in between I do have my fair share of training assignments and translating jobs. Plus I get to manage my own time so I could spend whatever part of the day with my daughter and son. And I am still keeping my "fingers crossed" so to speak, that I will have a Customer Service book of mine published in English. Perhaps even contribute some articles for the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series!

Updates: Its now 2006, almost 3 years since I became a home-based freelance writer/editor, translator and soft-skills trainers. Lots have happened - I have had more writing assignments and translating jobs specifically in translating Annual Reports from English to Bahasa Malaysia/Melayu. I have been busy with my fair share of trainings/coaching.

My children are now both in formal school, and that means I have more time to work on my home-based career, especially in the area of writing. My manuscripts for the Bahasa Melayu books are still in progress - I had sort of not allocated more time on them as I should have. Other matters seemed to have taken center stage. But that is changing, with more time to myself, I am now able to stay on track and hope to complete these books this year. Hopefully before the next Book Fair in Kuala Lumpur.

Further updates:
The time is now 9:30pm Malaysian time and it is a Wednesday, 27 Fenruary 2008. I can't believe that it has been 2 years since I last updated in this site. I am still writing and translating and delivering trainings. Life has been great and I hope and pray it gets better as the days go by.

I have now started a blog, on service and related matters. Do find the time to check it out at

Talk to you later.

Interests: Writing - I find writing is going the way of the dinosaurs...its a dying art. With the advances in technology, not may people write (literally) anymore. Which is why I continue to keep a journal/diary which I update daily. Not only with daily happenings b

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