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Pamela Faye

Agent: Rolling Seas Promotions Pty Ltd.
P.O. Box 316, Cotton Tree
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia


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Mystery flows from rivers of dreams, casting visions of rainbows over the sea of life. It is the heart that dares to dream, the spirit of far reaching visions flowing through rivers of inherent blood. It is the whisper from the sea that calls eternally.

Pamela Faye is the Australian Author, Arts Editor & Marketer, who delivers the unique narration of the timeless Native American Historic Fiction novel 'Chétan', to the world.

She is the descendant of the Newspaper Publisher Robert Baker, who founded three newspapers in New South Wales in the late 1800's, the MacLean Advocate, The Tweed Heads, and the Mullimby Star. The inherent blood of artists runs through the Australian author's veins, while it is the belief-- "All blood is red... All bones are white... It is not the color of our skins, it is the spirit within..." that enables her to see through clear vision.

The Arts Editor & Writer is compelled by excitement that rises from the world known as "The Publishing Industry". Journalism is the author's second love... Justice must prevail in a world filled with stark realities. Fiction is the escape we seek when moments of silence descend.

A Marketer to both the Publishing and Movie industries, Pamela swims freely in all rivers that flow to the open arms of the sea called "The Arts Industry"-- The glitz, the glamour, that showers as exploding fireworks from heartfelt passions emerging from every culture of the world. A Mardi Gras of color and excitement to fuel the spirit of eternal hope.

Destiny decreed long before whispers from the sea became clear, it would be distant visions delivering the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. We are only ever limited by the scope of our dreams. Anything is possible in a world filled with the mysteries of the Universe.

Interests: The Australian Author Pamela Faye is also an Arts Editor, Marketer & Publicist to both the Publishing and Movie Industries worldwide. Rolling Seas Promotions Pty Ltd. are Agents & Publicists. At the helm of Rolling Seas promotions is Business Manager Mark

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • The Native American Novel
  • Chetan
  • Other

  • Movie Producer Michael Z. Gordon chases Worst Enemy