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Yuri Borev

Povarskaya 25a IMLI
Moscow, Russian Federation


Yuri Borev, Professor of philology and doctor of philosophy, was born in 1925. Graduated from the Gorky Literary Institure, member of the Russian Writers Wnion, the Film Makers union, the United Drawers Association, Senior Research Worker at the Institute of Worlds Literatrure, Russian Academy of Schience, and professor at the Moscow Institute of Architecture. Yuri Borev is the author of the novel Ground-To-Air, over 300 articles on questions of literary theory, art criticism and aesthetics, as well as books on the tragic: on the comic: basic aestetic categories; introduction to aesthetics; literrary and art criticism; the comic or how laughter mocks the imperfecton of the world, purifies the joy of living; aestretics; modern aesthetics conceptions; and the art of interrpretation and assessment (interpreting" the bronze-horseman"). Yuri Borev is the editori-in-chief ot the theories schools and conceptions literary criticism. his works on aesthetics have been translated into 36 languages. Last books Yuri Borev has published "Historic Anecdotes about Stalin and Stalins time"; "About all Russian and Soviet liders"; three volume "History of 20th century in Anecdotes" (about Russia, USA, China, Africa, Europe, etc.); About writers of the world, actors, drawers, and film makers.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No