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J. LaBarge Bryan

Agent: None (need one).
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Email: jlabargebryan@yahoo.com

Professional Profile:
Twenty-eight (28) total years combined civilian and military tenure as a strategic and
tactical intelligence analyst serving at Department of the Army, Department of
Defense, Joint, International, and multinational levels worldwide.
Nineteen years, seven months, and fourteen days as an United States Army
strategic, all-source, and tactical intelligence analyst serving world-wide.
Seven years as an United States Army Reserve Military Intelligence Officer - All-
Source Analysis (USAR - 35D) analyst assigned in a USAR Individual Mobilization
Augmentee (IMA) position at Headquarters, Forces Command, Deputy Chief of Staff,
Intelligence (HQ, FORSCOM/DCSINT) with a comprehensive background in
computerized intelligence analysis support systems.
Experience in leadership, intelligence analysis, military intelligence journalism,
tactics, operations, policy and plans, operations security, scenario development,
exercise control, and security involving problem-solving, decision-making, and
trouble-shooting in intelligence analysis and security management positions.

Twenty-eight years of military intelligence research, compilation, writing, drafting,
editing, proofreading, reprographics, product design, cover design, layout, quality
control, product finalization, publishing, dissemination and control of documents and
briefings covering predictive analysis, current intelligence matters, IPB, I&W
intelligence, OB, economic and geo-political issues, future war-fighting planning and
policy development, CI/CT tactics and operational planning, COINOPS, LIC, MOUT,
medical and technical intelligence, humanitarian assistance planning and operations,
OPSEC, naval operations and exercise support, logistical support, scenario
development and exercise control, intelligence computer support systems research,
design and development, security, plans, policy, programs, office and personnel

Interests: Cookbooks; Military Intelligence; Romance; Science Fiction.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Cajun Captive
  • White Sands, Black Love
  • Nonfiction

  • Iraq: An Analytical Summary
  • Kresimir Zubak
  • Cuban SIGINT Complexes and Their Threat to US Forces and Operations
  • Threats to US Army Information Systems from Russia and Cuba
  • Foreign Intelligence Use of the Internet for Information Operations - Russia
  • Foreign Intelligence Use of the Internet for Information Warfare
  • Foreign Intelligence Use of the Internet for Information Operations
  • Serbia and Montenegro Handbook
  • Kosovo Forces (KFOR) Handbook
  • Kosovo Situation Update
  • Military Capabilities Study: Macedonia, Appendix J: Ground Forces Trends and Developments (1998 to 2018)
  • Drugs and Demagoguery in the Balkans: Mutually Supporting Systems and Attitudes
  • Military Capabilities Study - Lite: Ushtria Clirimtare e Kosoves (UCK)
  • Operation Potkova ("Operation Potkovica") - Milosevic's Adaptation of the "Cubrilovic Plan"
  • Major General Mijo Jelic
  • The Seven Pillars of Djukanovic
  • Filip Vukasin
  • West Africa Training Cruise - 1994 (WATC94) Intelligence Support Handbook
  • Military Capabilities Estimate: 5th North Korean Army Corps
  • Brigade Command Inspection Checklists for Physical Security, Arms Rooms, Drug and Alcohol, Crime Prevention, and Key Control Programs
  • Physical Security Handbook, Combat Operations Intelligence Center (COIC), Ramstein Air Base, Germany
  • Proposed Joint Military Intelligence Support Element (JMISE) Table of Distribution and Allowances (TDA) for the Joint Analysis Center, RAF Molesworth, UK
  • Proposed Joint Military Intelligence Support Element (JMISE) Table of Distribution and Allowances (TDA) for the Joint Analysis Center, RAF Molesworth, UK
  • Non-Combatant Evacuation Operations (NEO) Matrix
  • Collection Problem Sets/Noncombatant Evacuation Operations/European Theater
  • United States Army Professional Development Guide for C Company, 527th Military Intelligence Battalion
  • Iraq: Intelligence and Security Services Uses of the Internet
  • West Africa Training Cruise - 1995 (WATC95) Intelligence Support Handbook
  • China: Qinhua (Tsinghua) University and It's Role in an Intrusion Incident in South Korea
  • China: Qinghua Daxue (Tsinghua) University and It's Role in the Chinese Government's IO/IW Program
  • China: Foreign Intelligence and Security Services (FISS) Organizations
  • China - Information Operations
  • Iran: Computer Network Attack (CNA) Capabilities Assessment
  • Iran - Foreign Intelligence and Security Services (FISS) Use of the Internet
  • 150 - 180 Tons of Cigarettes Smuggled into RS Every Month
  • Milo Djukanovic
  • Milo Djukanovic
  • Illegal Immigration Through BiH
  • Migrancy and Human Trafficking Issues Within BiH and the Balkans
  • Migrancy and Human Trafficking Issues Within BiH and the Balkans
  • Brucellosis
  • ICG Analyzes Serbian Profits From Grain Trade
  • Unemployment Compensation in BiH
  • Brigadier General Sulejman Budakovic
  • The Opposition's Continuing Struggle to Dethrone Milosevic
  • Attacks on the Culture Editor of the Slobodna Bosna By Culturist Purists
  • Armed Men Attempt to Enter Biljana Plavic's Building
  • Bosniac Tripartite Presidency Chairman, Alija Izetbegovic, Believes the IC Created Crises in The Bosnian Government To Justify November Presidential Elections
  • RS Assembly Speaker Djokic Opposes Farrand Resignation
  • SDA Presents New Local Party Officials in Sarajevo
  • Croatian Security Forces Plan to Arrest Russian Organized Crime Figure
  • Serb Assembly Elects New Judge for BiH Constitutional Court
  • Milorad Obradovic
  • Filip Vujanovic
  • Miodrag Vukovic
  • Vitomar Tomic
  • Neven Tomic
  • Major General Stanko Sopta
  • Haris Silajdzic
  • Branko Perovic-Djuricic
  • Safet Orusevic
  • Probe into Croatia's HDZ Finance Minister's Actions Underway
  • Hasan Muratovic
  • Mihajlo Mujanovic
  • Svetozar Marovic
  • Vukasin Maras
  • Risto Javikovic
  • Ejup Ganic
  • Vuk Draskovic
  • Mijo Brajkovic