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a kefaah nasr alah

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aman, Jordan


I'm ready to cooperate to translate any oriental feeling or principle or complicated mysterious tradition, and I'm ready to write in English and maintain the magical oriental feeling.
My first significant work, it was written in 1984 and I presented it to the printing and publishing department in 1986, after that I had consecutively a story collection every two years until 1998, during that time I have published over 100 short stories at the front pages of the Jordanian newspapers, then I translated the story "kam e'shet?" how long did you live? I wrote it in the year 2000, and I won two prizes for two stories among this collection, after that I did the "al-mata'en" the stabs, and itís a story that qualify to be a novel or a cinematic movie or a television; itís a story that depends on emotion, principles and noble feelings, and it is a subject with a historical surroundings that go back to an era rich with life.
I have a successful kids stories collection in Arabic
About literature in my family
My mother is descendent from two Moroccan families; her fathers family they are the descendents of abed al-salam al- Maghrebi a great (morabet), and he is worship for the people of Northwest Africa, also there is the well known Tunisian poet Abu al-qasem al-shabei he is my mothers uncle.

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i am at phone number 5514830-5514831 tel-fax jordan amaan code 9626

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