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sara rollings

waynesville, Ohio, United States


Words are my passion. I love them.
I can never get enough. They flow endlessly
From my brain onto the paper,creating a
Reality that I never want to leave.

Job, Family all forgotten when the Muse
Inspires me. I must write. I need to write
or perish in the attempt. Do not try to stop me.
There is no cure for this disease.

There are moments when I must admit that
Perhaps it is not wise to be this way.
There are perfectly happy people out there
who have never felt its seductive lure.

Then I smile to myself. I am one of the
Select few, the chosen ones. I am content
To Experience things so-called "normal"
People never even think to dream about.

Who am I? you ask. This then is my reply.
I am a writer, a creator of worlds that could
Never be, of people who do not exist. I am
Someone whose imagination you cannot control.

Interests: history, research, creative writing

Published writer: No

Freelance: No