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Vincent Bode

Leiden, Netherlands



I'm a 27 year-old guy who has recently obtained his Masters degree in English Literature, focussing on gender roles in ethnic feminist literature.

I live in Holland with my two cats and spend most of my time writing poetry and short stories while looking for a day job and writing my first novel.

A local start-up publisher has expressed an interest in my work, but as they are local, and Holland-based, I am looking for another publisher. However, I am not far enough along with my novel to even consider publishing it. ( I am, however, interested in people who would want to proofread a few chapters, to see whether they like what I do).

I am currently working on a novel which involves the Arthurlegends. It is, however, set in the present time in Wales. The novel is meant for children from ages 12 and up, including more adult kids.

Interests: fantasy, SF, feminism, gender roles, Arthur Legend, computers, literature, painting, singing, clubbing, films, music.

Published writer: No

Freelance: No