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Duaa Anwar

Agent: B J Doyen
PO Box 3901
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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Having loved and admired horses all my life, I planned to pursue a career in equestrianism from an early age. I spent years reading horse books, learning about everything from health to training to equitation. Just Gerry, my first horse, taught me more than I could have ever learned from any book. I was a persistent rider, visiting the stables every day, riding, and taking as many lessons as I could afford. Still I have to admit that Just Gerry provided me with the motivation I needed to write For the Love of Horses.

I was born in 1979 and raised by a non-equestrian family in a non-equestrian town, which made my mission in becoming a professional horse person difficult. Ironically, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts—an entirely different path—yet my passion remained with me.
With a growing interest in dressage, my knowledge of classical riding expanded. Just Gerry taught me what methods worked and what didn’t, so I put together a web site on which I combined my experience, knowledge, and writing skills to reach and teach riders across the globe the essence of classical riding. In June 1999, The Art of Classical Riding website was launched. It attracted thousands of visitors from all over world and earned a reputation in riding clubs in many countries. The site earned many web awards and received approval from hundreds of satisfied visitors. In April 2000, the site received an unexpected review in Horse and Rider magazine in the UK—an honor well worth the effort.

Today, The Art of Classical Riding features twenty-two articles on classical riding as well as showjumping and general schooling, all written by myself. The site may be visited at The Art of Classical Riding is a personal site but with a reputation better than many other equestrian sites. Yahoo has listed the site as one of the top ten equestrian sites on the Internet. Additionally, my articles were published in a number of American dressage newsletters, and most recently, in the October 2002 issue of the Paso Fino Horse World magazine.

Just Gerry and I have won many affiliated dressage competitions. He’s a horse who needed an extra sensitive hand in riding and handling. He was not very sociable when I bought him but that changed quickly. I not only had to whisper, but I had to listen too. Forget the books, I told myself, because books could not explain to me the individuality of every horse. I had to tune in and let him trust me—or distrust me—as he wanted. Passive leadership, as Mark Rashid (author of Horses Never Lie: The Heart of Passive Leadership) calls it, is discussed in For the Love of Horses because it allows us to wait and listen, and to give the horse time to decide. By becoming a passive leader, I saw more depth to horses than I ever could have.

Interests: Equestrian sports, horses, oil-painting, and of course, writing.

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  • The Everything Koran Book