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Jason Strange

canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia


There are moments where I feel quite confident in saying that "I am a poet!".However,in stark reality I am just a hack-slowly destroying the beautiful english language into a torrid mesh that vaguely conforms to the loose guildlines of poetry.Every now and again (when the motivation takes me) I dabble in short stories.Ultimatly one day I'd like to finish one that I've started!
In all seriousness, I do not call myself a writer as i don't believe I have the skills yet to be called one.Call me a trainee writer.I do have goals of writing a novel by the time I'm thirty. (so I've got seven years and a million ideas..) My poetry is combines old teen angst with serious political opinion mixed with the kind of thought that would have had me committed only a mere two hundred years ago.I have a very much neglected webpage that "highlights" my work.(
I may not be good at what i do but I've never intended it to be a career.I believe everyone has a creative outlet and for me it's writing.What else can I say??

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • New Thoughts in Thirty Minutes