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Kimberly Blake

Kansas City, Missouri, United States


AOL: SorrowsToDancing

I am a 21-year-old chick currently working on my first chick novel. Note of interest: I don't normally go around using the term "chick" to refer to myself or anyone surrounding my general vicinity.

Writing is something that I have a lot of fun doing. When I am caught up in a story, I become my characters and get to experience things in life that I would have never thought possible under any other circumstances. With that said, please don't assume that I have multiple personalities. Not that there's anything wrong with that. What I meant is that writing is a very special part of my life. What I write is who I am, and when I get caught up in my created worlds, I am absorbed by them, and fascinated by how they change me. I may be developing a character that is everything I as an individual stand against, but through that character, I am enlightened about other walks of life.

Right now, I am in college to become an art teacher. I'll have a blast doing that, and it will be a wonderful profession for me. Truthfully, even though it is something that I will love, I'm thinking of those three months off every year with more anticipation than the other nine months that I will actually be working! With those three months... think of how much time I will have to write!

Though the "published author" box is checked, it's only for a few maginzine articles. Hopefully someday very soon, I will be adding something with a little more bulk to the list. And maybe someday after that, I will be able to write full time. Of course, that ending to my life would be along the lines of "and they lived happily ever after..." but there's still the wishin' and hopin'.

Here's to girlie chick novels: May I publish a dozen:)

Interests: Writing:), reading, creating and appreciating art, laughing, being girlie and living life to its fullest.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • "Them Bones"
  • "Worth a Thousand Words"