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Indira Rolle

Nassau, Bahamas


I am a young Bahamian who strongly believes in one of the aspects of my culture - Storytelling. I have been telling stories from childhood, through my dancing and acting in the theatre. I have now reached another penniacle in this regard, where I am telling stories through my writings. For my first dramatical work, I wrote an adaption of the death and resurrection of Jesus in Bahamian wordings and actions, Easter 2003. I have published my first book entitled "It's the little things that counts...that's why we make mountains out of molehills" and invite you to look for it in local Bahamian book stores, both Logos's boookstore and The Bookmarker have on-line shopping - ISBN no. 976817057-3.

I work in the Tourist industry and take advantage of all that our visitors come for as well, our Sun, Sand And Sea; as I enjoy fishing, boating and sitting out on the porch on our pictorisque home in Eleuthera, Bahamas, as I am lulled into serenity from listening to the waves. God is good and I thank him for allowing me to see all these wonders and write about them. Perhaps it is too because I am a Leo, as they say we are sensitive people and sensitive persons usually very expressive.

I was named after Indira Gandhi and have as one of my goals to live up to taht great name, so look out for more excitinga nd wonderful storytelling and writings by Indira!

Interests: Cycling, live dramatical performances, swimming and travelling.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • "It's the little things that counts, that's why we make mountains out of molehills"