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Ian Gallagher

Daejon, Korea


The dirt road snaked through the landscape, carving itself into existence. It was there daring us to use it, whichever way we were going it didn't matter, just as long as we were going somewhere. The fence along it, about to fall from age, was its only companion.
Today, it was me who used this road. It was good to be led, to gently be pushed along the solitary path. The sky looked down on us fondly. The gentleness of it whispered in my ear and I closed my eyes from time to time, listening to what it had to say.
At the end of the road lay a group of trees, nothing but dark shadows of themselves. It was more or less a goal to reach those trees. To lay in the shade they provided and feel their rough trunks against my back. I have never experienced silence this light. Wrapping myself in it, I walked.

And then there were clouds.

Interests: emotions

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes