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Catherine Grant

Agent: none
Glasgow, United Kingdom


Profile of Catherine Grant

Born and educated in both Scotland & Spain, Catherine has an MA history Ph.D. in Socio Cultural Anthropology, and is currently living in Scotland.
Having traveled extensively in Europe, and lived in Catalonia, Spain for several years, Catherine speaks French, Spanish & German fluently.
Catherine started writing poetry at the early age of eight with an understanding, depth and wisdom well beyond her years.Through her teenage years, she sang with a very successful rock band, and throughout the years music has remained a great love and necessary part of her life.As a Journalist she enjoyed the opportunity to meet and interview many famous people.
Now a published writer / poet. with a wealth of knowledge in history, she has spent considerable time on the fascinating subject of the Cults of the “Black Virgin”, and with some assistance to complete her research, would be in the position to make a series of 4 documentaries.
Catherine, originally a journalist, has a background in the media and has given talks on issues of the day to audiences in Dublin,Gerona and other cities throughout Europe.
Not only does the poetry of Catherine Grant stand alone, with its unique mixture of wisdom, philosophy, history and knowledge in a most readable form. Catherine has written several hundred poems, and throughout does not loose any of the high standard set in the first volumes. “Fields of Forever” and “A stone’s Throw”.To add to this Catherine has written a volume of short stories in a similar vein. Her book “Isis in Capricorn”, tells the story of a spiritual quest, set in the present day, with reincarnation and history being the main stay of both her spiritual reawakening and literary journey.


1. Written and published 2 books of poetry,
“Fields of Forever” & “A Stone’s Throw”. A third has been written and is awaiting publication.
2. Writing and delivering speeches on such diverse topics as;
(a) Ecological disasters, their impact on man and the environment,
(b) Man, his possible origins and purpose in the universe if any.
(c) “The Dreamer”, a look at the invisible indefinable spark that separates man from the animals.
These speeches and many more have been delivered to audiences in Scotland,Rep of Ireland and Catalonia in Spain.
3.Compiled a series of short stories Entitled “ Marble Dreams”
4 Has written a novel “ Isis in Capricorn”, closely linked with the subject of the "Black Virgins" and a spiritual quest spanning hundreds of years.
5 Presently completing her research on a series of documentaries for television on the subject of the Mysteries of the "Black Virgins".

Interests: Ancient cultures and the spiritual history of man throughout the world. As an anthropologist my work has also become a fascinating interest. Also skiing, mountain biking in Spain and France, photography and singing.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Fields Of Forever
  • A Stone's Throw