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Be Be

Agent: None
Denver, Colorado, United States


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I'm a twice published writer, award winning song writer, patented jewlery designer, artist, musician, lecturer/teacher, program designer, web-site designer, finance and contract winning business plan writer, and all around good friend to many close associates. I've lived in Denver since 1967 and participated in running the nations premier floatation tank rental/retail business. I've chartered and owned my own businesses and have helped others start theirs. I'm single (never married and no children) and am unaffiliated religiously and politically. I love to be in front of a crowd of people either speaking or singing to them. I'm an Aries sun sign with Sagitarious rising and a Scorpio moon. I'm definitely a very unique individual and consider myself one of the most wealthy, happy, well-balanced individuals alive.

Interests: Spiritual Growth and Development

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Be Attitudes