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Mauricio Escalona

miguel de cervantes 209-57
chihuahua, Texas, Mexico


i wrote this in 2 hours please read it , its good

The Hero

Day 1 at 9:00 am
In the local prison sounds the alarm 4 prisoners escaped from the laundry place and there is no sign of them a security guard is inconcient and a city is in danger.

John Mallory, a person ho has excellent life with a wife named Sandra, a good work in the marketing wall-mart company, he lives in a Latin neighborhood because his wife was Latin he has a degree in marketing and administration he is a healthy person ho go gym everyday. But with one problem he wants a big business to make some money and help his family.

So he and his wife Sandra go to a church a Sunday in the morning so after the ceremony they go to the confessionary to confess and its full so johns wife has hurry and tells john that she came later and that he has to stay because he hasn’t confess since a year so he accepted, but he don’t know what happened back in the confessionary the convicts try to escape from the police and hide in the confessionary that has a door in back to one room, so there is too a mom of the convicts (old person) she put a white skirt in the head and open the door , and john is in the other side , hello tell me your sins said the old lady, but to johns look rare that old lady appears in that place but he doesn’t know the father’s because he don’t go since a year so he thinks that she was a nun that works there , well speaks john mi first sin its…………………………………………………………….ok thank you then john abandon the place happy but he walking to his home . He saw the old lady runs and he asks her, hey what happened? So she tell him that some thieves assault her and she defends and some people help her and all the thieves are trapped in the confessionary room and she its going to get a police officer, so john thinks excuse me? But there is someone with the thieves? No because all the people runs, ok and the people that help you, no they are going to find a police too. But they doesn’t back, and I am so scared please help me ok, first let me go to the church to see the thieves and what they do ok. You are with me don’t be scared, (john thinks that take control of the thieves or stop them to then call the police, he thinks that may escape the thieves while he and the old lady finds a telephone or a cop.

When he an the lady arrives to the church he see 4 thieves tied with ropes and sit, ok he see a controlled situation and he proceed to find a cop but he thinks (ok this people don’t fight, don’t opposite to tie and there is no else something its rare here but may be I am wrong and all the people are afraid to the police for the immigration).

In that moment the old lady tells him that may be take the thieves and take them to the police station in her car because we are in the house of God and it was wrong, john accept because he think it was wrong too. Ok but where is your car? In the next corner ok.
The thieves walk and don’t opposite to him to nothing ok he has thrust in him because he knows karate do and personal defense beside he has control and the thieves was tied.

They walk one block and get to a green house the old lady says let me in and take the keys ok says john but the lady don’t come out and john is going to put some inpatient so he yell to the lady are you ok? But there is no answer, are you ok yell again john a quiet later and there is no answer john get in to the house .. Lady ask him lady where are you? In that moment the old lady appears with a gun in the hand pointed to john, come in stupid you eat it, come on sit there, the old lady was the mother of one thieves and she is help them to escape, oh shit say john, that’s way you confesses me and where is the father what do to him?
You old lady are with them, you are part of this so that there is no fight in that room, so that is too calm when I arrive all of you (say to the thieves) are convicts, I hear in the morning news that 4 convicts are escaped from the prison so you are?

Clap clap clap sounds the hands of one, the oldest, good you are not stupid at all. Say to john the convict aleluya, ja, ja, ja, all smile, well there is job to do he tie john and put him in a room, all the convicts stay in a principal room and start to make a plan to escape john hear everything from the other room.

4 hours late the convicts are preparing to their plan, while john can untied him and its behind the door waiting for hit them with a bed part of wood. The boss tells one of the convicts to check john, the thief enter to the room and receive a hit from john and let him knocked out, then other one who has a gun go to the room to check and receive the same medicine so john take the gun and run but the others two stop him in the door the he shot one in the leg and put to fight with the other the boss he fight so well that take the gun and point to the convicts he tide all of them and the old lady. Now he has the control. But…….

In the police station in a normal day all the people do their jobs like every other day but…...
At 9:35 am …..The phone rings in 911: ring ring ring. Hello 911 what’s your emergency who are calling, where? Convicts? Ok I send the police, no? So what do you want a TV camera? A cameraman? Well let me talk to an officer and may be I can help you but I don’t sure ok?
My name its rose, can you tell yours and the address too? Ok. Bye

The alarm sounds:
Rose: captain, captain I need to talk with you please its an emergency.
Police Captain: what is it rose? Send some cops to the action.
Rose: no captain let me explain to you in your office.
Captain: ok rose it has to be good

Rose: Look captain this man it’s a normal guy but he fall on a trap that the convicts put to him, so he tell me that he was trapped but he fights and now he has the control.
Police captain: Ok rose good work we have it now let me work and capture them,
Rose: no captain he don’t want officers
Police captain: what?
Rose: no captain that is the reason that I call you. He told me that I help him, look he want a cameraman of a big TV company that get in and he talk the history live in the channel in the middle of the action and he, have the convicts and he can make them talk to the camera so in that way only when he finished he can make the deliver to the police, and he its going to talk with the TV company now. And I give the number to him.
Police captain: ok rose, I call you when its necessary ok bye.

Police captain: detectives Smith and Connors come we have a situation, (they entered in the captain’s office) look detectives we have a crazy hero in action, this man was a normal guy in the wrong time and wrong moment or we don’t now if it’s a trap or he is one of them. Well he tells us that by his own hand capture the four convicts .we don’t know anything else but he has them and he want some regard or get some publicity of his own so then can let them to us.
Connors: captain but it’s a stupidity how can this happen?
Police captain: I don’t know but both of you are in charge and make some good end ok.
First check this cell number that he calls from and check him and all his family, this is the address that he have the convicts and get them before the press.

But in the house. John already talks with the press because he thinks make some money about this, the press has interesting but no offer money for the interview but he is a marketing man and cal the other TV station and bingo they offered 100,000 dollars.

The cameraman arrive to the house and knock the door there are two guys, no tells john only one can come in and give the money so john let one to enter and sit him in front of the convicts there are hurt and one is blooding, sir say the cameraman is this ok I mean you are right with this, yes tells john I am right and you are here to film ok. Ok sir its ok.

John prepares the camera and first makes some shots to the crime scene. Then the police arrive, and try to call john, sir it’s the police please let the prisoners out and come with us we are proud of you we know that you are a good person we talk with your wife please don’t be wrong ok?

John: no I already have a situation and I am going to finish, ok.

Police: Look john you are not an assassin please come out ¡
John. First I have to think don’t come in or I’ll shoot ok.
Police: ok john but we don’t have all day¡

The captain arrives and sends some snipers to the roof, but captain he is no a convict, well now it is tells the captain, may be is a trap.

Ring ring ring sounds the cell phone of john, john it’s the police don’t be a stupid and let the prisoners out, no, says john I want a reward of this. Ok john first gives us the prisoners and then can we talk for a reward ok?

No sir I knew that you wont give me nothing but the thanks bye, john hung up.

John: well cameraman let do some news ¡ the cameraman was so scared and he only start to record. John star to introduce him and his life and the life of his family like others families who lived in the country.

The news transmitted john live in all his channels it was a unlimited rating for all times big money for the company.

John talks to every person who its watching him that come to the address and support him in his act he tells the people that he alone capture the convicts and he want a reward of his act but the police only going to give the thanks so that its no fair.

While the police captain receive a call it was the governor and he saw the news and he give one hour to solve the problem.

Then the FBI arrive to the scene what is the situation captain, well tells the captain its easy one hero take the convicts and ask for a reward that’s all. That all uh says a n FBI agent so that easy that you can’t solve the situation? No tells captain because he are using the convicts like hostages and have a news camera live in all channels.
Ok let us solve it says FBI

Ok, john this is the FBI we want the convicts and we give you a reward but if you don’t give us the convicts you are part of them ok are you sure you want that?

No yell john you only receive the prisoners if I have the reward and the camera records all the act ok?

John: I am innocent person only I want some reward for my act is that hard to understand?

FBI: Ok john let us get the reward but can you off the camera?

John: No only in that way I give you the prisoners ok?

FBI: Ok john but don’t be stupid ok?

Ok tells john but hurry because I am tired.

In the house the cameraman don’t stop record all and john make a story and start to tell how happened everything to the camera but he interview to the convicts some talk other don’t talk but he its going to get some credibility to all that he is doing from the people of out side that is supporting him.

Out of the house was crowd of people who has banners to support him he is winning, the plan was right, may be he has the money but he is getting problems because he is transform in a hijacker.

The FBI get the money and talk to john in the cell phone john we have the money and we proceed with the plan you give the convicts to us and we give you the money ok. Ok says john but I want that the cameraman stay with me all the time ok?
John we have to take to the police station because you are not right but we agree that you deserve the reward only we have to take you inn for hide jacking no says john I am innocent I am a hero you can do that you are crazy, and hung up.

FBI: ok its hard but we are solve fast, first bring his wife and be gentle please, then we are going to give the reward to her in front of john and then we take the convicts and take john ok it’s a plan or not, ok but hurry the time is running and more people its coming to support john hurry.

An our later the police talk to john

FBI: john we have your wife here and we are going to give her the reward and all its going to be ok talk with her by phone ¡ Sandra? Sandra? Yes says Sandra crying john come on give them the prisoners please. No Sandra first you receive the reward and then when you have it then talk and please that someone records on tape john says Sandra I don’t want the money I want that you are ok and came out ¡ no Sandra first take the money and all its going to be ok I love you bye.

Then the FBI calls a camera to record the deliver to johns wife all its recorded and send it to john.

John saw it and talks thru the window ok now I am going to release one prisoner. Ok john do the right says an FBI agent.

The door opened and one convict is released the cameraman inside johns house is recording everything, one by one all the four convicts get out and then the cameraman with john, the police take the convicts and john in other car, all occur like john thinks.

In the station john is remitted to a temporary jail and ask him if has a lawyer or not then says to john that may be get out because only have convicts in the house and the cameraman enter by his own foot,

But in the house the police register all the evidence and hear some noise it was a old lady trapped in the house by the time there is only one cop, one dirty and he thinks an idea he take the old lady out but first he wont tell anything about that he want to negotiate with john part of the money to don’t say a word about that, before the old lady appreciate the officer and say that don’t present any charges to john and if he let go. The officer let her go but first take a shot with a camera that he brings.

2 days later and becomes the trial of john all voted for the innocence of john but he committed hide jacking and there is a penalty of that so he is condoned for a year of prison or 250,000 of conditional liberty, the total amount of the reward and the channel money are 400,000 well says the lawyer ok we accept the dial. Ok the court is over.

The wife hugs her husband and some people cloud for his act, later in his house some people calls john and says that he has some proves that involve john to a major hide jacking and he have a picture of and old lady tied too. And if he don’t give 200,000 he take the proves to the police, ok don’t do that ok I’ll give you the money but I only have 150,000 because my conditional liberty was 250,000 so I’ll give you the rest but don’t give the police that proves please, ok john bring me the money to Ocean dr. and corner of Maine St. please don’t be stupid and be nice ok. Bye.

So john deliver the money to the man and take the photo of the old lady, but says john were is the lady, don’t worry the old lady says that she don’t present any charges to you and period. Don’t worry john you are saved.

Then john and his wife walk alone in the park and says well we have no money left but I am free and save its most important that be with money john lets go to your parents house they are so worried about you, but I am happy that we have no money left it’s better that we work every day for our life don’t? Yes Sandra its better please forgives me. No it’s ok.

But the media its magic, john receive a bonus for tells his history and give the wrights for tell his life in a program. So he receives money after all. Great world ¡¡

Writedd by:
Mauricio Escalona Uranga
27 years Chihuahua México
Pone number 01152 614 4883116
Pone number 01152 614 4832008
or send some info to
516 shadow willow drive
Zc. 79922 el Paso Texas

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