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Rick Fico

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States


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I am residing here at the world's largest playground now, left Chicago, "The City of Big Shoulders" for Vegas, "The City of Big Boulders." But that all depends how you look at it, I suppose.

Today, pretty much like yesterday, the mercury is hovering just above the hundred mark. Oh yeah, the heat is on. Back home, my Momma says, "It's too chilly to go out and sit with the geese." I feel bad for Momma. She just got herself a cute little apartment in the suburbs, and right in the back, a nice little lake. With fish and ducks and Canadian geese and everything. Mom doesn't have much to do these days but sit with the geese. All her children are grown and gone now, yeah, including me. I really wish that I didn't live so far now. It's kind of hard visiting at random when one lives nearly two thousand miles away. Besides, my car is in the shop. Transmission or maybe, the battery. I don't know much about cars and stuff like that, my mind isn't wired for that, if you really want to know the truth. My mind is better geared for philosophy and psychology and often times, the metaphysical.

My mother is getting up in the years and can't do much these days, can't drive, has a hard time walking sometimes. I wish that I was there to take her shopping sometimes, maybe take her to The Village Inn for the barbecued ribs she loves so dearly.

My brother, Lenny, don't know what to say about him. He lives, oh, maybe twenty miles from Momma, but, get this, hasn't visited her for over a year and a half now. Worse yet, not even a simple phone call. Nope, not even on Mother's Day. Not Christmas, Easter, nothing. Because of the sadness, Momma sits next to her sliding glass door and cries and wonders, why does her first-born son hate her so much, why doesn't he care.

I call Momma at least, once a week, send her cards and a lot of times, I'd put in a check, not much though, as I can't afford too much either these days. I tell Momma to buy something for herself but she never does. She takes the money and buys a gift for one of her grandchildren, she has nine. That's how Mother is, always thinking of others first. But it wasn't always this way, you know. Twenty years ago and beyond, she had been pretty selfish. Even abandoned her kids for long stretches of time. That was after Dad left us though. And after Mother picked up the bottle and found her salvation in it and did a lot of salvating at a few different taverns, often times going on three and four day binges.

Yesterday, I called Momma. She told me, "Ricky, now I really can't go outside and sit by the lake. On the news, they're talking about the mosquito again, you know, that Nile Mosquito or whatever it is." I feel really bad for Momma now. It had only been three months ago when she moved in to her new place with, "a nice lake in back with fish and ducks and Canadian geese and everything." She was so happy that day

My brother, Lenny, I don't understand why he had disowned his entire family, even his own three children. He had totally disenfranchised himself from, not only his mother and two sisters and brother and aunt and uncle and cousins and nieces and nephews but his wife of twenty-five years and most alarming of all, his three children.

Oh, I have ideas though. Boy, do I ever. Lenny, one always to flaunt his wealth, walked one day into this fancy restaurant. And there she was, dressed to kill, the lovely hostess. Smitten by her, Lenny continued to frequent this restaurant, each time, I'm sure, throwing money about the place like it was confetti. He surely knows how to capture the attention of those around him, including of course, the gold-diggers. I'm not saying that this porcelain doll of a woman from Lithuania bit the hook of my brother's flashing foolishness but I do have my suspicions.

My family had found out, through various channels, that my brother and his "Hostess" cupcake had went to Lithuania and married. Must be nice for her family, I'm sure. I betcha my brother's new family receives all kinds of gifts and cards now. I had heard my brother set up his new wife with a business of her own, bought her a shiny new cadillac.

Oh, Ms. Oprah Winfrey, seeing that you are in my mother's neighborhood, could you please go and visit Momma, maybe take her to the Village Inn for her beloved barbeque ribs. She would be honored. Oh yeah, Momma loves your show. And, I believe, helped to keep her sane through some of her more serious trials and tribulations.

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Interests: History, philosophy, psychology, nature, music, astronomy, meta-physics, economics, literature, aviation

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  • Deliverance/ Doing Good For Goodness Sake