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Ann Ewan

Agent: Tina Tsallas
North York, Ontario, Canada


Home page:

My books

My latest teen fantasy book, Brondings' Honour, is about Dayraven, the young healer for her isolated and warlike clan. Still struggling with that responsibility, she suddenly find herself responsible for avenging the death of one of the clan leaders and taking his place.

My previous teen fantasy book is Firedrake. Here's a quote about it from Maria Tzavaras at the North York Mirror: "Being a teenager is never easy. Imagine being a teen in a world ruled by evil wizards and it's part of your destiny to help restore the goodness."

You can read more about my books at:

There are also links to upcoming events and other reviews.

My bio

I've written fantasy books and stories for as long as I can remember. I had a miserable childhood, which I think is
normal, but fortunately I also had three younger siblings who idolized me and loved my stories. When I was a bit
older, I started writing the books I would have liked to have read.

For the first 10 years after leaving high school, I lived various places in Canada (where I grew up) and Britain (where I
was born) and tried a wide variety of jobs. I enjoyed being a secretary in a factory, and I very much liked being a
security guard, since I worked nights and had lots of time to write. I hated washing dishes, though I ended up
doing that quite often, and I hated working on an assembly line. I lived on very little so that I didn't have to stay long
in any job I hated.

I'd always loved school and been fond of animals, so in my 20s I decided to go to Seneca College, and I got a
diploma as an Animal Health Technician. Loved the course, hated the job. I tried working for both a large animal
vet (in Peterborough) and a small animal vet (in Toronto) but it just didn't work for me.

In my 30s I returned to school again and had a wonderful time at the University of Toronto, earning a degree in
Linguistics, specializing in Old English, Latin, and Irish Gaelic.

Since graduating, I've worked as a technical writer. I've been with lots of companies, and I currently work full-time for
IBM. I love my job. I've continued writing stories and books, and my first published novel, Firedrake, came out at the
end of 2002.

My husband and I maintain an eclectic web site at, where we also distribute a typing tutor that we
wrote for a one-handed 8-year-old girl.

Interests: Languages, both human and computer. History and archaeology. Role-playing games. Animals. Music, reading, travelling, exploring.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Firedrake
  • Brondings' Honour