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Catherine Hattin

Box 30, Avda. De La Constitucion No 3
Alhaurin El Grande, Malaga, Spain



You want to know about me? Oh, OK. Well Iím 26, just turned in fact, thankfully with out the Bridget Jones moment that accompanied my 25th Birthday (You know, single, childless, career going no whereÖ) Uh, where was I?

Oh yeah, right. Well I live in Spain after having enough of the UK. I run an internet business but it doesnít take much time so Iím trying my hand at writing. I have one half complete novel, well, 1/3 complete. I stopped because I was told it was uninteresting. *sigh * Well it might not be, I just donít have the esteem to finish it now, maybe later.

Right now Iím tossing 2 different plot ideas around, trying to find which I like best and get the one I choose in to some sort of order in my head (no easy task, you should see my head!).

Other than that not much going on in my life right now.

Interests: Dancing (ballroom, latin, street and any new fad dances that come along), reading, writing (duh!), swimming, cooking, socialising, drinking (hick!), and chatting on line for endless hours to friends, most of whom Iíll never meet.

Published writer: No

Freelance: No