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Georges Kirsteller Ryoki Inoue

Agent: Georges Kirsteller Ryoki Inoue
Rua Kenkite Shimomoto, 100 - apto 210-B
Sao Paulo, Brazil


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The literary production of the untiring Ryoki Inoue took him not only to the
Guinness Book as the most proliphic author all over the world, but also to be
compared to Georges Simenon by some intenational critics. Some other compare
his style and his production velocity to Sidney Sheldon. Other say he could be put
right beside Harold Robbins, mainly because the way he writes his trams and

Graduated as a doctor by USP specialist on thorax surgery, Ryoki left medicine in
1986 to become a writer. In a short period, he ruled 95% of all the pocket books
published in Brazil. He wrote 999 great tales across six years, together with
stories, about farwest, war, cops, spying, love and science fiction.

When he, in 1992, suggested to his publishers an improving in the brazilian´s
pocket book graphic appearance, got astonished with the carelessness all of them
showed about his project. It wasn´t interesting for any publisher to get his books in
condition to reach a really brain-worked public target, do not mention it to compete
in a international market.

He gave up than, the pockets to devote himself right to bigger books, better worked
ones in the literary purpose and with a higher graphic quality. But Ryoki faced
another problem: no brazilian printing-office could breath while publishing and
distribute his phenomenal production: about six new titles a month.

Ryoki Inoue has been a target of the main newspapers and magazines all around
the world, from "Veja", "Istoe", "Manchete", "O Estado de Sao Paulo", Jornal
Brasil", "Wall Street Journal", "The N.Y. Times", "Der Spiegel", "Lire" and a
sort of
others, as has been interviewd by TV channels like "Rede Globo", "SBT",
"Bandeirantes", "Nippon Television Network", and others. Due his vehment and
Literary production, since 1993, Ryoki Inoue places the International Guinnes Book
of Records, as the man who most wrote and published books all around the planet.

see the following critics:

The story of this book makes you loose your breath. As the events occur in the
span of minutes and days, Ryoki Inoue makes the cardiac frequency of the reader
increase. It is difficult to interrupt the reading because the narration gains the life of
a movie, os a good American film with all the ingredients to become a box hit: sex,
corruption, violence, politics, espionage and a surprising end.

"He´s the Pele of the literature". (Alexandre Garcia, Rede Globo de Televisao)

"The most productive writer of Brazil and of the World, has his works written in
perfect portuguese..." (ANSA Agency)

"The book one thousand marks a turning in the carreer of Ryoki Inoue. �And
what�s now, Mr. President?� a political-police novel marking the
aproximation of this fiction writer to the Brazilian reallity�. (Paulo Pestana, Correio

"Ryokie feeds, by himself, more than 400 thousand
readers per month".
(Eduardo Bueno, O Estado de S�o Paulo)

�Most of the editions of Ryoki�s books reach almost 10 thousand books. All of
are sold out�. (Severino Francisco, Correio Brasiliense)

�Many people cannot read at the same speed that he writes�. (Jo Soares, Jo
e Meia)

�It is not strange to find him writing in his PC from 6:00 to 2:00 a.m.� (Program
�Fantastico�, TV Globo)

La production litt�raire de Ryoki Inoue non seulement lui val�t le titre de l�auteur
plus prolifique du monde � travers le �Guinness Book�, mais aussi des
comparaisons avec Georges Simenon par certains critiques internationales.
D�autres comparent son style et sa rapidit� � niveau de production avec Sidney
Sheldon et Harold Robbin, quant � la mani�re dont il construit la trame de ses
thrillers. (Fl�vio Tin�)

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