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Yolanda Best

Agent: Actively looking...
Tampa, Florida, United States

Letís see- Iím a junior in College. However, Iíve never been quite good at being told what to do and when. If I was a dog, Iíd be un-trainable. My master would tell me ĎStayĎ, and Iíd look at him like a dope. I donít really say ĎIím a non-conformist,í only desperate people must declare that to the top of their lungs. Instead I just am.

My nicknames describe me best; ďYoda,Ē and ďWonderbra Girl.Ē Yoda, as in all wise. At least I would like to think thatís why they call me Yoda, and not because they think Iím short, green, and balding.

In fact, I take the gift of the brain god gave me seriously. Not waiting for my dreams to come to me, Iíve started making myself into what I want to be. Iíve started by beginning my own online newsletter. Before, when I first started writing, timid about trying to have my work published, I almost gave up. Then I decided to start publishing a online newsletter. Iíve taught myself everything I know, from HTML to ezine marketing. I now have a loyal readership. Makeís me proud- the force is with me!

Wonderbra girl is my blunt alter ego. Actually, both of my egos are blunt, but thatís beside the point. Wonderbra girl is my personal realistic female superhero, or what my inner strength would look like. Forget burning the bras. Everyone loves a good pushup bras, letís be real. Wonderbra girl stands up and says ĎIím not burning my $60 Victoria Secret bra. My must be out your god darn mind!í

The name makes you stop, think, and tilt your head to the side. Most people do that around me.

Besides that, Iím just trying to make it through school. I am a Marketing Director (woo who), and a Assistant to a different Marketing Director (woo who), and mostly do fun event planning!

Actively looking for a agent or publish for my first fiction and non-fiction pieces. I also have a screen play, all complete, and about a dozen in line to be written (literally).

Interests: Movies (especially classics), singing to the top of my lungs in the middle of the night, dancing, marketing, event planning, science fiction, traveling, cooking, and writing (duh)

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Men in Tights......and garters (commentary piece)