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Natalie Roach-Rhodes

Getafe, Spain


I am 40 and was born in South London, England, but moved to Madrid, Spain four years ago with my daughter, now 11. I have been writing since I was a child - starting off wih poetry based on any subject, although something happened in an English class when I was eight years old, that compelled me to cease writing and concentrate my energies on art instead. We were learning about the Titanic disater and I wrote a poem about it and showed it to my teacher the next day. My English teacher was horrified that a child so young could write something so "morbid" as she put it and sent for my parents to find out if I were disturbed in some way. You know what...? This one action suppressed my writing abilities for 20 years. I kept back all the ideas I had in my head for fear of being labelled a fruitcake, until at the age of 28 I started writing "Carbon Copy" - a horror story/thriller about a serial killer in England.

I moved from this to "Club Venom" and then "Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Funday". I am still in the process of finishing the last two.

At the moment I am actively seeking an agent to represent me, in the UK or in the States and wonder if there is anybody out there who might be interested in a female writer who shys away from the current trend in the UK of books about love, relationships, everyday living, flaky females and males come to think of it.

My writing style is unique. I am confident of that as I love reading myself and have read literature covering many fields inc: Jackie Collins, Anne Perry, Helen Fielding, Linda Goodman and Jilly Cooper to name but a few and have not come across a similar flair for the macabre that I seem to possess. I would be delighted to submit samples to any interested parties and would welcome the feedback.

Interests: Writing, Art (I draw black and white portraits),karate, long walks in far out places, travelling, restaurants

Published writer: No

Freelance: No