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Mark Edward Hall

Agent: none
Richmond, Maine, United States


Home page:

My name is Mark Edward Hall. My first novel, The Lost Village was published in March of 2003. I was born in Brunswick Maine in 1948, and didn't begin writing horror fiction until I was in my thirties. I spent years on the road as a singer/songwriter.Iíve always loved the horror/fantasy genre and have read extensively in it. I always knew that when I finally settled down I'd put some time into creating my own tales. And I have.
I've written five novels over the past ten years and probably about 30 short stories and several novellas. I donít do it full time yet but when the day comes that I can, Iím planning on doing at least one book a year. I like complex characters and plots so it probably takes me a little longer than if I was just putting out formula novels like some writers do. I never just work on one project at a time. That bores me. I have a multitude of writing projects in the works at all times; three or four novels, and several shorter projects. I have a novel that I plan on publishing in 2005 (Angel Island)that Iíve been working on for about seven years now. It will be equivalent in complexity to, The Lost Village, and will probably even be longer than The Lost Villageís 630 pages. It doesnít matter how long it takes or how big it is, as long as itís a good story. That's what I care about. I donít write for anybody but myself.
I plan on publishing one more book this year, a collection of dark tales entitled, Into The Night, featuring a short novel called, The Haunting of Sam Cabot. Some of the shorter works from that collection will be published throught the summer in various online zines. I'm planning on publishing a new novel entitled, Soul Thief in March of 2004.

Interests: Writing, music, mythology, antiques, for the stories they tell.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Lost Village