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Fred Cornell

Agent: Mike Fok
6453 E. Julep Street
Mesa, Arizona, United States



Not alot to say here except that I have had a dream of writing all of my life. I have alot of good to bring into this world and if elceted President I promise to save all starving children across the planet.OPPS Sorry about that, wrong time and place. It is coming to be a late time in my life and I am sorry about not excersing my right of freedom of expression and now I wish to do so. I really have an unique way of bringing characters alive and I do so without the help of all of the voices inside of my head that constantly bother me.
Being locked up inside of myself for so long I know that I write things that other only dream about and would like to share with others. I have alot of good things to say and I do so in a sort of out of the wy style of humor, horror and passion. I like being a little rough around the edges because it is just me being me. I am not Hemmingway, Frost, Clancy, or Tommy the Two Toed Tourist Guide. I am just originally and will always be forever me.
I am just looking for the best place to have my writing read and reviewed no mater the critisms or abuse and I really do not care what others think or say about my efforts. I have enough trouble judging myself and living up to my own standards without worrying what others are saying or thinking about me.
I just need the cahnce and opportunity to have open minded people review my work and offer responsible feed-back of a non-injurious type.
Thank-you for your time and interest, Fred Cornell
Master of all the known universe

Interests: hatred for all of mankind- boating-all sports that involve someone getting hurt while trying to hurt another person or creature-loving life-learning once again to be me. NUFF SAID

Published writer: No

Freelance: No