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Pet Dane

157/28 Moo10, Suthep road, Muang,
Chiang Mai, Thailand


When I was four my parents took me to church to be introduced to the Christian faith. I listened for a while then, folded my arms, looked the priest in the eye and said with disgust 'Don't give me that God stuff!' and walked out. I this way I began my journey away form the established and into the mysterious. I have visited strange places and learned many strange things, some of which I wish I didn’t have to know. Now it has brought to me Thailand, the last bastion of Buddhism, and my true homeland.
Of my old life in the UK there is little that needs to be said, it had no value in itself except that it taught what I don't want in life, which is perhaps the greatest lesson of all. I also learned many techniques for survival in the schools of hard knocks and gained an honors degree in the unorthodox methodology the university of life. I learned not to rely on what anyone else says or does. In short, I came up hard - I also learn to write and perhaps more importantly; how to sell.
I have one book sold, 'The Time Travelers Guide to the Future' my own, unique and in some ways wonderful version of the I Ching (a subject I started learning at the age of 15 and have studied ever since). In it I abandoned reliance of the traditional text and approach in favor of using my own experience. The book is immature, but well targeted, with catchy title and attractive and original set of cards cover of my own design. The idea is sound too and with the knowledge I now have it could be written properly. It also made me money, it was sold to six countries (I even sold it to the Chinese) with the help by my wily agent, Dinah Wiener and we got good advances. Sadly, Dinah lost interest in me when I left the country; the books lack of public sales probably didn't help either.
Well, since then I have written another book, 'Yin Yang and Mating Game', a fascinating study of Yin Yang applied to human character again in my own unique way. Applying it to romance was a pitch to hopefully make it more salable. Not that I have tried to sell it. I have traveling in Asia for ten years and have settled in Thailand for three. Living here is very challenging; there is a language, religion and culture to learn. Thailand is one of this worlds most visited and least understood places.
I am Thai Buddhist, (which is quite different from Western, or any other Buddhism) and this is my first ‘religion’ this life, though I am sure I have lived it before..
I don't have anything to do with the expat world and I am proud of my ability to live in Thailand as Thai. I have never met anyone else who has managed to be accepted as I have been. I speak pretty fluent Thai (I can read and write like a ten year old) and know more about the real life here than just about anyone. I am single.
Being so far away from UK has prevented me from trying to sell my work. Having managed by hook and crook to extract enough money from my old existence and only wish to write to develop my ideas, though more cash can always handy. Seriously, I don’t need money, but I do need encouragement and stimulation and though I don’t need reason to write; I do need a reason to write completed pieces. Without an audience in mind and way to reach them I can’t be bothered to produce really polished material.
I also can write about many things: though I Ching, Yin Yang, Thailand, travel stories or Buddhism are obvious choices. I am 49 a completely unique being, bursting with talent, enthusiasm and love. Love to hear from you.

Interests: Thai Buddhism, language, culture and people. Writing. I Ching, Tai Chi Chi Gong. Sailing, traveling. Singing. Freedom.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • The Time Travellers Guide to the Future