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Seamus Phan

Agent: McGallen & Bolden Pte Ltd
SG, Singapore


Seamus, based in Singapore, is a thought leader on the Internet, digital media, e-
learning, knowledge management, business process re-engineering, marketing, and
holistic health. He is a frequent keynote speaker, motivational speaker, workshop
and meeting facilitator, commissioned writer, journalist, editor, and published

He is the creative director of McGallen & Bolden Group (, a
public relations, digital media and training firm. Prior to his current role, he was the
Chief Information Officer for the group.

As a field-proven speaker and motivator with nearly 30 years of professional and
training experience, he has delivered international speeches, training sessions,
corporate presentations and seminars for audience groups from 10 to 2,400. He is
a frequent keynote speaker and chairperson for industry technical and business

Seamus is a published author, with several books, including "This Body This Life"
(ISBN 9810456468, weekly bestseller) and "This Body This Life Companion
Primer" (ISBN 9810480806), co-authored with brother CJ, a multi- title bodybuilding
champion. His latest book is "Dot ZEN" (ISBN 981045645X), a business leadership
and entrepreneurship book that dispels many of the age-old aggressive
philosophies such as Sun Tzu's Art of War. The Dot Zen book is co-authored with
leading publicist and trainer Ter Hui Peng. Seamus' earlier works include "Service
Quality - The Enlightened Approach" (ISBN 9810064578), "The Internet Webmaster
Logbook" (ISBN 9810076487, an Amazon bestseller), "ISO 9000 Primer" (ISBN
9810425325, e-book) and "ISO 14000 Primer" (ISBN 9810425317, e-book). He has
also released "E- Business Primer" (ISBN 9810445563, Audio CD), and "Using the
Internet as a Service Quality Weapon" (ISBN 9810445571, Video CD).

He has been a correspondent to many business and technology publications. He
has been a frequent analyst and correspondent for radio and television channels.

Seamus is a pioneer digital media, Internet and Service Quality consultant, and
have independently developed networked learning systems in the 1980s, as well as
independent Service Quality work in the late 1980s. Seamus has accumulated
hands-on managerial and professional experience from international and local
organizations such as Citibank, Ernst & Young, PriceWaterhouse, Seagate,
AppleCentre, etc.

Seamus earned a PhD in Business. He has also done prior patent-pending biotech
research on the autoxidation and its prevention, and coupled with related health-
related research, has been academically recognized at the postgraduate level. He
has been inducted in the 500 Profiles in Excellence, amongst the likes of Nobel
Peace Prize winner President Kim Dae- Jung (Korea), artist Peter Gabriel, "Seven
Years in Tibet" movie director Jean- Jacques Annaud, Cardinal Jan Peer Schotte
(Sec-Gen of the World Synod of Bishops), futurist Sir Arthur C Clarke, amongst
others. He was also a Barons 500 Leaders of the New Century inductee, humbly
alongside the likes of leading futurist and visionary Sir Arthur C Clarke and Bill
Gates of Microsoft. Prior, he was inducted in the Marquis (USA)'s Who's Who in
the World, the International Biography Centre (UK)'s Men and Women of
Distinction. Seamus is also an adjunct professor for distance learning graduate
credit courses in media studies and sustainable development.

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Interests: Internet, business leadership, e-business, wireless, training and development, knowledge management, holistic health, psychology, philosophy.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • This Body This Life
  • E-Business Primer Audio CD
  • This Body This Life Companion Primer
  • Using the Internet as a Service Quality Weapon to leapfrog your competition VideoCD 2001
  • The Internet Webmaster Logbook
  • Dot ZEN: Practical tips and thoughts on Business, Marketing, PR and Internet from the Diamond Sutra
  • Service Quality - The Enlightened Approach