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Michael Zealey

Agent: Seeking Representation
London, United Kingdom


Home page:

2013 Springboards. Further collection of short stories and short scripts, published
by available through
2012 Snakebite. Feature length screenplay for DirectorDouglas productions
2011 Various short script commissions for 5 UK production companies
2010 Bum Notes. Collection of short stories.
2009 Molehole. Collection of essays and philosophy.
2008 Different States. A travelogue published by
2007: Feeling Mageddo. A feature length screenplay being developed with Yugen
Films production company.
2007: The Shuffton Process. A feature length screenplay being developed with
independent producer.
2007: Happiness, or what the hell�s wrong with me? A screenplay and shooting
script for a 30 minute documentary. (In development with Five)
2007: Article on �Second Life� for Sur, Malaga Newspaper.
2007: Article on Polish immigration for Hackney Gazette.
2007: Article on �Freedom Day� for Psychology magazine.
2007: Article on mountain biking for �Mountain Edge� Austrian website.
2007: Article on the New Independents for ISCis LSE �Declaration� Magazine.
2007: Feature on Turkish Weddings for Taste Anatolia magazine.
2007: Various Freelance projects from website and articles for
various magazines and newspapers.
2007: Collection of original Newspaper features and articles as part of London
School of Publishing Freelance Feature Writing course.
2006: Seven standalone scene screenplay assignments as part of Advanced
Screenwriting course at St. Martin�s College
2006: 5 Treatments for soap-operas on new internet based
entertainment channel.
2006: Cadence. A feature length screenplay. (treatment)
2006: Different States. A travel journal from New York to San Francisco. (120
2005: RudeBoy Excalibur. A short film screenplay (treatment)
2005: The Holy Member. A feature length screenplay (treatment)
2004: Timeframes: A treatment for four 30 minute television drama.
2003 Balance. A feature length screenplay.
2003: Four radio advertisements for Marbella based marketing company, Spain.
2002: Peniel. A stage play in two acts
2000/2001: Paper Flesh. A collection of short stories (130 pages)

Interests: Screenplays. Script Doctor. Novels, Short Stories. Freelance Features.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Bum Notes
  • Springboards
  • Nonfiction

  • Molehole
  • Different States
  • Scripts

  • Balance
  • Snakebite
  • Feeling Mageddo