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Ashok Rajagopalan

84 second street, tnhb korattur
chennai, India


Home page:

Hi, this is Ashok Raj.
Spent 13 years of my life dabbling in book illustration, animation and cartooning.
Didn't hate it, actually loved it, but I always wanted to write.
(No, not an illiterate, but grammar was not okay and somebody had to look after her.)
I thought a guy's got to be perfect, or a guy's language has got to be perfect before he writes literature.
But two things gave me confidence.

One: Shakespeare and Chaucer are considered hot stuff but look at their language!
"Expresses himself oddly.." as Wodehouse said through Wooster's lips.
If Wodehouse, who when alive, was "the greatest English writer alive", said that, it must be the goods.

Two: Worked as an art-editor for a year and a half and got to be on the other side of the publishing table. Read manuscripts from aspiring and established writers before they saw the light of publishing.
God forsake me if their grammar wasn't as bad as mine! Badder!
Then I knew why God made editors! Santa Claus gets the credit but the elves do most of the work! Some editors I know have put so much into a novel that you feel all the author did was to write his name! Or her. Lot of members of the couth sex in publishing.

Thus gaining esteem in my own eyes, I resigned from my job, and bought a comp.
I continued to draw, for my daily bread, on a freelance basis, but started work on my books for future jam.

One thing I decided is that I won't go pseudo. I'll write only what I love to read.
I'll write funny stories, sexy stories, fantasy stories, science fiction...
I won't write, unless lighted matches are struck between my toes and I'm tickled with a feather, news, sports, philosophy.

And I sat down and wrote.

Interests: Astrology, People, Art, Teaching

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Lemon Salt Soda
  • Children's Literature

  • The Adventures of TeeTee
  • Witchsnare