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John Whitaker

Tavares, Florida, United States


Home page:

My first short story was published in THE NEW YORKER; how lucky can a guy get? That's what it was, luck.
I soon learned what an exacting profession I had stumbled into and there ensued many years of study.
In 1977 I was thrilled by the performance of SEATTLE SLEW in the south Florida racing season and experienced my first thunderbolt of inspiration. Two weeks later I had the first draft of THE HAYDAY CONSPIRACY in hand, written as a screenplay. The Jane Rotrosen NYC Agency liked it after three readings and suggested marketing would be greatly helped by a novel version. I tried, but expenses were today and royalties far down an uncertain road.
The GLYN KENNEDY AGENCY sold the screenplay in 1980 with a contract stipulation that required production to begin within two years. When it did not, the property reverted to me.
LIBERTY PUBLISHING CO. published my non-fiction work, HANDICAPPING TRAINERS, in 1990.
Some authors can handle writing, a job, and a marriage and make a success of all three. Regrettably, I can not handle even two of the three. In January 2002 I decided to retire and work on a novel version of HAYDAY. Unfortunately, when it was completed, the J/R Agency was no longer interested in reading it. I queried thirty-six other agents, but none of them cared to 'read' HAYDAY, much less represent it. Weary of this merry-go-round, I published it myself with AuthorHouse in March 2005. My biggest thrill was simply completing it and with unlimited patience, I 'await' its discovery.
Meanwhile, I have completed FOREVERíS KISS, a fictional romantic drama that is presently exploring the publisher pipeline; and another work of fiction, THE COCOA WAR, is fast approaching THE END.
I join Writer's gatherings hoping to learn how agents and publishers listed in WRITERíS MARKET can claim interest in new writers and material, and be so disinterested when queried. Can anybody out there help me with that?
__John Whitaker

Interests: Any kind of boat activity; sailing, diving, new ports. Writing.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • The Hayday Conspiracy
  • Nonfiction

  • Handicapping Trainers