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R. Michael Paulraj

Chennai, India


Dear friends,


I am happy to inform you that my book "Key Words of a Kinship" has been released. The book contains the results of my research into the relationship of English and Tamil based on comparative linguistics. The following are the particulars of this book.

Title: Key Words of a Kinship
Subtitle: Primitive Oneness of the English and the Tamils

Author: R.M.Paulraj
ISBN: 1-4120-1257-0

Genre: History, Linguistics, Reference
Format: Perfect bound, 222 pp, 2 maps, 7.00 x 10.75 inch.
Publisher: Trafford Publishing, Victoria, BC, Canada
Date of publication: February 28, 2006

The book is now available from the publishers at

A brief description of the book :
This book of impressive scholarship reveals the relationship between the English language and Tamil, the living classical language of India. The discovery of the primitive kinship of the English and the Tamils pushes back the history of their respective languages by over two thousand years.
The book describes with illustrative pairs of words from English and Tamil the linguistic processes and phonetic features - that include speech sounds peculiar to the two languages, sound shifts, vowel variations, addition of merely euphonic syllables in the Tamil forms, intrusive speech sounds, metathesis, etc. - that have now made the corresponding words in either of the languages unintelligible to the speakers of the other. These features have developed independently in the two languages and now mask the similarity of the corresponding words.
A proper perspective of the sound shifts and other differentiating features helps us identify the speech sounds in one language that are representative of those in the other and unfolds a world of words before us. No word is distorted beyond recognition. Mutual identity of the corresponding cognate words is only too obvious.
This is amazing but true. The striking similarity of words spoken by ordinary men and women in almost all aspects of everyday life reveals the life and culture of the English and the Tamils in their long abandoned ancient homeland. We find that the words for father and mother, for god and man, for parts of the body, for physical activities, for physical senses and mental perceptions, for the parts of plants and trees, and for the objects of nature seen all around us, etc. are essentially the same in English and Tamil.
Key Words of a Kinship will be of great interest to all those involved in the fascinating study of linguistics, anthropology, and other related fields. This pioneering volume by R.M.Paulraj will serve as an excellent resource for both researchers and others.
Best regards,

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  • Key Words of a Kinship: Primitive Oneness of the English and the Tamils