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Brad Zigler

USA, United States


Financial and investment writing can be deadly dull, but Brad Zigler uses the experience gleaned from stints as the head of marketing, research and education for a derivatives exchange and an investment fund manager to make his prose crisp, clean and, at the right times, even funny. Most important, Brad makes his topics understandable. Each work makes complex financial concepts easily digestible for its audience.

Brad's feature articles have appeared in Registered Rep.(now part of Wealth, Ticker, Mutual Fund, Futures, Financial Planning and Financial Advisor magazines, as well as Institutional Investor Journals, among other publications.

In addition, Brad has been a regular columnist and editor for CRB Trader,, the Journal of Indexes, the Corporate Communications Broadcast Network and served as a financial correspondent for the European Press Network and National Public Radio. Most recently, Brad was named managing editor of and the alternative investments editor of Registered Rep. (now Rep./Wealth Management) magazine.

Target audiences for Brad's work include the public (retail and high net worth investors), financial intermediaries (brokers and advisors) as well as institutional investors (mutual funds, hedge funds, retirement funds and consultants).

Clients include money management firms, exchanges, brokerages, governmental agencies, periodicals and news organizations.

Typical assignments incorporate marketing communication consulting, the creation of editorial, marketing and research documentation, education/training, public and investor relations management, as well as product consulting.

Brad is a writer/editor member of the Society of Business Editors and Writers, the American Society of Authors and Journalists as well as the Society of Professional Journalists.

Interests: Money/Finance: Investments, personal finance, derivatives, commodities, futures, stocks, bonds, funds, options, ETFs/ETNs; Business; Economics; Consumer Affairs; Educational; Textbook.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


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