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Ruby Houldson

Linton, Indiana, United States


Home page:

I have written fourteen fiction novels, and currently writing a fifteenth book. Most of my writing in the past has been for educational programs in the area of health care. I have taken a leap of faith and written several fiction novels and hope that I will be recognized someday by readers everywhere.

All my novels are ready for print. "Guardian of an Immortal Soul" has been picked up by Authorhouse and has been released to the public. The second in the series has also been taken over by Authorhouse and is now available to the public.

Silhouette, ImaJinn, Novel Books, and Random House Ventures have inquired into picking up the "Guardian" series.

I have also written two Star Trek novels and they are both ready for review by an agent.

What is Star Trek and where is it going? It seems to be a "logical" question to ask. My two Star Trek novels dare to venture beyond the confines of the known and enter the unknown or unexplored. Stepped on a few toes? Possibly, but how does one make progress without a little pain?

I have written a Star Trek Reference book titled, A Tribute to Spock: A Reference Guide. It is now available to the public.

I will be venturing out to Hollywood, CA in August 2004 in order to sign copies of my book (A Tribute to James Doohan "Scotty": A Reference) at the Doohan Weekend Tribute. Visit for more information and to see the announcement of my book signing.

I have high hopes that a literary agent will discover me and together present my work on a higher scale for the public to enjoy.

Recently I worked with Walter Koenig (Chekov on Star Trek) and the Director of the Koenig's latest production film entitled, "Illegal Alien". I have completed writing assignments for them as it pertains to the upcoming film release.

I work with a company called PlanetXpo. I write for them as they set up Sci-fi conferences and conventions.

My latest series, now being called the "Guardian" series is based on the life of a vampire by the name of Christopher Andrew Varatoo, and a woman...a witch of sorts...named Jadyn Rina Hannan. They first found each other when they served in the upper realms, but a great tragedy occurred and they were thrown from the upper realms and into the middle realm. In order to atone for their great error, they have to endure a seven hundred year cycle of heartache and pain in order to discover the key that will take Jadyn's cry for mercy to the feet of the Great One.

The first book asks the reader....

Would you suffer through seven lifetimes for love?
Would you safeguard a vampire's immortal soul?
Would you die for the vampire?
Would you give up Heaven for love?

In "Guardian of an Immortal Soul", Jadyn Rina Hannan (translated...God has heard the cry for mercy) does all those things for the man she loves...the vampire named Christopher.

Where did vampires originate? This novel gives the story behind the truth.

This book touches upon such subjects as reincarnation, angels (or Pure Ones), vampires, withcraft, and of course, destiny. It shows how one woman holds power over the vampire.

The second book, titled, "Guardians of the Immortal Realms", delves deeper into the origin of the vampire and the lives of Jadyn and Christopher as they become Guardians between the Realms of good and evil, the upper realms and the middle realm. More of their past lives are revealed in this novel as well as what powers they must learn to control. They discover the reason behind their having to suffer through the 'seven-hundred-year' cycle of madness. They discover the Great One had a plan for their lives even before they fell from the upper realms. The reader discovers how 'love' can be a more powerful force than that of the most evil of creatures to set foot upon the earth.

The third book in the series, titled, "Guardians of Immortal Humanity", is a continuation of the second book. In this novel, the Stone of Light and Life has been stolen by two evil vampires. This Stone will make a vampire impervious to destruction and they can move about in the light of day. The two vampires lead a revolt against humanity in an attempt to take over the world. Can Christopher and Jadyn put an end to their reign of terror? As Jadyn searches for an answer to their problem, Christopher finds that once again he must fight against the thirst for blood and the raging animal insticts that are connected with the vampire part of himself. Will he prevail against the evil part of himself? Will they recover the Stone? How will they bring an end to the two indestructable, super vampires who threaten immortal humanity?

The fourth book is titled, "Guardians of Immortal Life". Jadyn and her family must fight an all powerful, evil Phantom. In order for it to free itself from its prison, it must kill Jadyn and her daughter. How can she stop something that can read her mind and counter attack her every move? She comes to a heart wrentching discovery of how the Phantom must be defeated. Can she follow through with the act she muct carry out, or will evil be released?

By popular demand, I have also written a fifth and a sixth book in the series. Visit to read the summaries.

My webpage also offers links to summaries for other books that I have written. Feel free to peruse them at your leisure.

Interests: horror, vampires (books and movies), Star Trek, romance, paranormal

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Guardian of an Immortal Soul
  • Guardians of the Immortal Realms
  • Guardians of Immortal Humanity
  • Nonfiction

  • A Tribute to James Doohan
  • A Tribute to Spock: A Reference Guide