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Jeffrey Robinson

Agent: Mel Berger at WME
New York, New York, United States

JEFFREY ROBINSON, is an American international bestselling author of both fiction and non-fiction, who lived and worked in Europe for 37 years.

He is a January 1967 graduate of Temple University’s School of Communication and Theater in Philadelphia. During his university years, he wrote for television and radio, including a popular weekly children's show (Sunny Dee and Snoopy) 1965-1966, and was on the writing staff of the nationally syndicated Mike Douglas Show (1966).

Following graduation, he served in the US Air Force as the press and public relations officer for the 35th Air Division at Hancock Field, Syracuse, New York.

Once he completed his military obligation (1970) he began his career as a full time freelance writer by moving to St. Laurent-du-Var, a small village outside of Nice, France. For ten of the next twelve years, he was a major contributor of features to The International Herald Tribune in Paris. In 1982, having by then published some 600 stories and articles in various English language newspapers and magazine, he moved to London to concentrate on writing books.

His work has appeared in Time, Playboy, McCalls, Barrons, Gourmet, Redbook, Company, Cosmopolitan, Harpers, True, Ambassador, Mademoiselle, Readers Digest, TV Guide, Sunday Times Magazine, Sunday Express Magazine, Sunday Telegraph Magazine, Seventeen, Gala, Globe and Mail Magazine, and the Columbia Journalism Review, among others.

His feature journalism has appeared in The Washington Post, The San Francisco Examiner, The Christian Science Monitor, The London Times, The London Sunday Times, The London Sunday Telegraph, The London Sunday Independent, the London Mail on Sunday and The Daily Beast, among others.

In addition to writing books, during his 25 years in the UK, he scripted and hosted various series for BBC Radio, including one on American soap operas and another on Amos and Andy. He also wrote a BBC Radio Drama of the Week, Rossum's Cyber Cafe. His scripted television work includes the pilot for a British crime drama series, Tightrope, commissioned by Yorkshire Television.

One of the most experienced writers of his generation, Robinson has also been a frequent guest on TV and radio. Appearances include CNN, Larry King Live, NBC, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox News, BBC Breakfast News, BBC Newsnight, ITN, Channel 4 News, CNBC, Sky News, BBC World and Bloomberg. He was also co-host for eighteen months of the weekly SkyNews Debate.

In 2007, after more than three dozen years in Europe, Robinson and his French wife Aline (nee Benayoun) returned to the United States to be closer to their grown children. Robinson is a popular after-dinner speaker and the 1990 winner of the Benedictine Award After-Dinner Speaker of the Year award.

Twitter: @writingfactory


Non Fiction
Bette Davis - A Filmography (1982)
Teamwork - Comedy Teams In The Movies (1983)
The Risk Takers - Portraits Of Money, Ego And Power (1985)
Minus Millionaires (1986)
Yamani - The Inside Story (1987)
Rainier & Grace (1988)
The Risk Takers - Five Years On (1991)
The End Of The American Century (1992)
Bardot - Two Lives (1994)
The Laundrymen (1995)
The Hotel - Upstairs, Downstairs In A Secret World (1996)
The Manipulators - A Conspiracy To Make Us Buy (1997)
The Merger - The Conglomeration Of International Organized Crime (1998)
Prescription Games - Money, Ego And Power Inside The Global Pharmaceutical Industry (2001)
The Sink - Crime, Terror And Dirty Money In The Offshore World (2003)
There's A Sucker Born Every Minute (2010)
The Takedown - A Suburban Mom, A Coal Miner's Son And The Unlikely Demise Of The Norte Valle Cartel (2011)
Jeffrey Robinson's Criminal Intent - Following The Money (eBook original 2012)
Jeffrey Robinson's Criminal Intent - The Swiss Wash Whiter (eBook original 2013)
Bitcon – The Naked Truth About Bitcoin (eBook original in cooperation with Amazon, 2013)

Pietrov and other games (1985)
The Ginger Jar (1986)
The Margin Of The Bulls (1995)
The Monk's Disciples (1997)
A True And Perfect Knight (1999)
Trump Tower (2012)

With/As-Told-To Jeffrey Robinson
Standing Next To History - An Agent's Life Inside The Secret Service - by Joseph Petro (2005)
Ronnie - The Autobiography Of Ronnie Wood Of The Rolling Stones (2007)
Leading From The Front - My Story By Gerald Ronson (2009)

Screenplays (s), Television (t), Radio plays (r)
Amos And Andy (r-1997)
Same Time Again Next Week (r-1998)
The Laundrymen (t-1997)
Les Blanchisseurs (t-1998)
Rossum's Cyber Cafe (r-2000)
Tightrope (t-2002)
Sister Banjo (s-2002)
Notice Of Claim (s-2005)
The Confession(s-2006)
The Wake (s-2006)
Ogther Arrangements (s-2006)
I Je T'aime You (s-2007)
PPD (t-2014)
Badge Of Honor (t-2015)
The Takedown (t-2015)

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No