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Markus Fahrner

Frankfurt, Germany


Home page:

AOL: dahrmarebel

Hello I welcome you to my web bio.
So who am I. Some writer sitting around in the wiring of my Mac, transported over the plains of the internet, or a real person.
I was born and went to school. Wrestled with teenage angst. Flirted with rebellion and not much else.
I left my safe home for the wilderness of university life. My earliest story is from the age of, perhaps eleven. About balloons, bears, a smattering of pirates and a helping of eternal ice. All too embarrassing.
I was stuck in a German town, no where to run On the horizon a bit of political turmoil - in the time of anti nuclear weapons and power protests, a time when one still cared for such things before it all got swallowed under the consumerist varnish of later decades.

Freedom came when I left for university in England. A quaint small town with the whole world swinging around it?s axis. That was a compete contrast to the all German dreariness that I had known before. I tried my hand at everything, well most everything. In the process I gained a wide circle of international friends.
For a while I played a part-time soldier.
The keyboard, more so than the pen, proved to be a contagious and incurable affliction.
I began to write and write incurably. After graduating the postgrad life beckoned, this time in a port town. It slowly dawned on me that I had to eat.
Long nights of poetic discussions over tea and toast, had great promise but little materialistic appeal.
Hence the Publishing job. That was just right, but only for a time. Just when I had my first bad case of writers block I gave up my job and nice Themes side apartment for a cleaners job and a bedsit to finish my novel. The first one.
I?ve paid the piper by selling art, making artist books ( still do that) and selling machinery to Africa. And through it all I just keep on writing.
Africa was the experience of a lifetime. I managed to scour through it on a motorbike; at least the western part.

Now to my real life my writing. To date I have written two novels, two novellas and a number of short stories I am in the middle of my third novel. All of my novels are in search of a publishing home.
I cannot say that my written work has not been bought because it has; for the past five years I have collaborated in an international art project called The Second Encyclopedia from Tlon (Die Zweite Enzyklopaedie von Tlon). The concept is based on a short story written by Borges about a lost encyclopedia written by a vanished culture. Our Encyclopedia was an artistic attempt to envision this lost work.

This project involved the creation and production of unique art and writing. The texts that I have written have been collected by amongst others: the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, The New York Public Library, The Frankfurt Art Museum and the Herzog August Library in Wolfenbuttel.

The novels:

(1) The Architects Dagger; is at once a thriller and the story of a young woman's journey of self discovery. The story spans three generations and travels from Africa to Europe. It incorporates the magic of African storytelling.

(2) The Elephant; is a Faustian story about an academic who is saved from himself by a trickster. Set against the backdrop of an uprising in an African state.

The novellas:

(1) The River Niger; a travel adventure based in Africa. A motorcycle journey following the trail of Mungo Park?s footsteps.

(2) The Tower; is a fantasy. It tells the tale of the escape of a fictional character from his author. It moves through a world where reality and fantasy merge and can no longer be distinguished.

Interests: History, African culture, Motorcycle expeditions, caving, Jazz and Apple Mac computers.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes