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Abdulhameed Mahmood

Yola, Nigeria


I never for once dreamt to be a writer, but all my life I admire scholars and always being tempted whenever I see a nice looking book. I used to wonder how people can do it; I mean write a ‘book’. Unknown to me, I had this notion that it is only when you are well educated that you can write a book. When I clocked 20 years immediately after joining College, by accident, I over heard a lecturer encouraging his (literature) students of my level to write, that once they can start there will be no problem at all. I was studying business then but that advice got more into me than those students because three years later when I finished my first manuscript they haven’t started.

I was proud of my first book, a prose titled ‘A Step of No Return’ (2008). It was one of the most exciting moments of my life; writing it. It actually opened my eyes to see my own potentials. By foremost, it reminded me of my childhood days when I purposely lie down and imagine things. For instance, in the evening I use to go out with my friends to play football, and each time I used to look up at the sky and observe the horizon that the sky looks like a calabash turned upside down to cover the earth. When later in school I learnt that the world is round I quickly reflected back to my imagination about the ‘calabash’ and smiled at myself. Above all, my first book paid off because it was nominated for the Association of Nigerian Authors/Ken Sarowiwa 2008 Prize for Literary Award.

I most also admit that it was never easy for me writing for the first time because I had to force my self to research and study literature text books to know actually what ‘writing’ really means. This is also one of the things that also made me feel very proud that I learnt how to go about research. The outcome of that is a philosophical theory I formulated regarding the nature of time in the universe. The theory present that ‘time does not move as we perceive it today’. I have conducted two experiments to support this idea. The experiment carries illustration that explains the idea vividly. The academicians who read and edited the research work are convinced that ‘it will bring about an intellectual discourse’. I am working very hard to make the theory available and ready.

Subsequent to my first novel, I have progressed literarily that I also have a published children’s literature (The Staff of Almansoor, 2003) and I have just finished and published a text book on learning computer titled; 'Digital Concept: Computer Manual, 2009'. The manner of presentation and structure of the book is considered by editors as unpresidented in the country. I have one other unpublished manuscript, a prose titled 'The Ultimate Bondage'. I am also currently working on two other books, one, a romantic novel set in Los Angeles, USA (a story of bitterness) and a book of short stories depicting experiences of a commercial driver on Nigerian roads. I have written 9 of the short stories and planned to write up to 40.

At this point I owe my late father a great tribute because he was responsible for influencing my zeal about knowledge as I do remember he carried me along, if he can, whenever he is going somewhere even at night.

My greatest constrain like other writers is time. Since writing is not my career, I always have to find time to do my writings and I have so much in mind.

Interests: Writing for all genres, philosophy and seeiking for knowledge.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • A Step of No Return
  • Nonfiction

  • Digital Concepts: Computer Manual
  • Children's Literature

  • The Staff of Al - Mansoor