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jp Rodriguez

Tokyo, Japan


I always thought my natural artistic outlet was making music... until two years ago, when lying in bed wide-eyed and discontented, daydreaming of sleep, I decided to take up paper and pen and experiment. Two months later I was ecstatic to have the first draft of a complete novel written in ink on a neat stack of three-ring binder paper that I couldn't stop holding in front of my eyes, enthralled that every page was covered in my handwriting. The physical feat alone almost negated the need for any deeper meaning, but the fact that it was there overwhelmed me with euphoria. A life full of time stretches before me, space in which I will continue to explore my new relationship with words. At present, the first draft of my second novel is complete and I'm consumed by contemplation as I consider dropping out of my band because it's cutting into my writing time. Please wonders, never cease!

My favourite novel is "Martin Eden" (Jack London), my favourite poet is Walt Whitman, and my favourite philosopher is R.W. Emerson.


Interests: - making and performing music - photography - travelling

Published writer: No

Freelance: No