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Wilton Richards

nassau, Bahamas


My name is Wilton Richards and I write to you from The Bahamas. I have adopted writing as my niche now for the better part of three years. The profession has always been a cure for difficult trials and negativity that have invaded my life. My dedication to writing and my work is fueled with the single desire to succeed and make every material I produce as entertaining as I possibly can. Though I presently do not possess any published work, except for a poem, I continue to write because I know that my stars lie somewhere in the sky waiting for me to claim it. As a writer, I have the ability to write about anything in any genre. Though my strong point lies in fantasy novels. I have literary projects yet to complete that explores the fascinating world of other genres. E.g.; romance, action, mystery, horror, etc. Two years ago, I created a spell-bounding fantasydventure 20 book series called "The Magical Orphans" It is about five magnificently powerful kids with amazing abilities who embark on astounding adventures and encounter horrors every day. The characters are phenomenal and the entire series has a unique twist to every chapter. The first book in this series has been completed and awaits someone to take a chance on publishing it. My other writing talents include two finished screenplays of excellent decor and originality, an action-packed anime series thoroughly planned out and a television comedy series completely original and planned with precision. I hope that the near future will take my work and my talents to levels only dreamed by our sacred imaginations. Like I always say, "Give a man a paper and pen, then let him write his own path to success."

Interests: My interest include writing, dating, and creating new material

Published writer: No

Freelance: No