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Nancy Robinson

Stratford, Connecticut, United States


Home page:

Nancy Robinson is a Connecticut-based writer, published internationally. Oxford University Press, The Next American City Magazine, Action Martial Arts Magazine, 3am Magazine, Woman This Month Magazine, and others have published her work.

With extensive employment experience in Broadcasting, Investments, and Business Management, Ms. Robinson brings twenty years of corporate and non-profit experience to her portfolio. She has trained for more than twenty years in the martial arts and is a fourth degree black belt Tang Soo Do instructor. She is owner/operator of Martial Arts Connecticut (

Ms. Robinson's experience, skill and dedication to excellence are reflected in her work product.

A sampling of previously published work is below.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Pollyana Political Soldier
  • DWB: Dying While Black
  • "What Color is Your Activist? - Modern Multicultural Activism"
  • Home Office Space: Freed from their cubicles, where will commuters go instead?
  • “Preparing for Terror”. Mothers of Color at Home with NT Robinson.
  • Martial Artist Mama website and newsletter
  • National Martial Arts Examiner
  • A Funeral For Haiti
  • Grandmaster Robert A. Cheezic: Tang Soo Do's American Pioneer
  • Miscegenation Nation: The Hybridization of American Culture
  • “The Teachers of Children”. Mothers of Color at Home with NT Robinson.
  • Fighting for Knowledge - Economic Disparities in U.S. Education
  • Our Fathers Who Art In Heaven - Old Spice
  • Divulging Self
  • Is Time Almost Up? The Fall of the New York Times Empire
  • Children and The Environment: A Lethal Combination
  • “Feeding the Hunger”. Mothers of Color at Home with NT Robinson.
  • Raising Culturally Savvy Children
  • National Martial Arts Examiner column
  • "Children Mourn Too”. Mothers of Color at Home with NT Robinson.
  • Multicultural Populism
  • Poets Have Their Say on Black Poetry Day
  • “Parental Resolutions for the New Year”. Mothers of Color at Home with NT Robinson.
  • African American National Biography Book Project
  • Martial Arts Examiner
  • Other

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