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Lisa Tolliver

Pelham, New York, United States


Home page:

Dubbed "One of Westchester's Rising Stars" in 2000 (by Whitney Radio Group
Owner-President, William O'Shaughnessy), saluted as a Phenomenal Woman in
2005 (by Emmis Communications), and appointed a National Poetry Month
Ambassador in 2006, Lisa Tolliver (A.B. Harvard, M.B.A. and post-graduate
Columbia), is Principal Owner of professional services firm 360 MERIDIAN, LLC.
There, she provides success coaching, management and e-business consulting,
education/training, and communications services to private and public sector
clients. She also hosts several business and public affairs radio shows, lectures
internationally, serves on several organizational boards, and teaches university and
non-credit courses.

Tolliver's first paid writing jobs included stints grading essays for junior high school
teachers and serving as a writing coach for fellow students. In high school, she won
an Alpha Kappa Alpha Writing Award and Black Elks (Improved Benevolent
Protective Order of the Elks) Oratorical Contest, and edited her high school
yearbook. During college, she amassed additional writing, editing, and publishing
experience at United Press International, the Radcliffe Publishing Office, Harvard
Student Agencies Publishing (preparing LET'S GO! travel guides and other
manuscripts for publication), and numerous work-for-hire engagements.

Tolliver uses the nom de plume "Pickles" when publishing children's media; the
children in her neighborhood began calling her Pickles when Lisa worked part-time
at a fast-food restaurant, during high school. Her first children's publication is a
multimedia puzzle book and activity packet titled Experience the Alphabet!

Tolliver's publications include two telecom industry guidebooks and numerous
articles, regulatory filings, applied research studies, strategic plans, educational
materials, and creative works. She has also exhibited ethnographic fieldwork and
documentary photography in initiatives sponsored by the Library of Congress
American Folklife Center and Brigham Young University/Utah Heritage Project.
She now serves on several editorial and peer review boards, writes several columns
(at Lisa Tolliver On Air and Online, Emergency Preparedness and Safety Tips,, and SCORE Westchester's SCORE306 Wordpress Blog), and
helps numerous "brick" and "click" clients develop and distribute digital and print
content for entertainment, commercial, educational and community-based

A sample of Tolliver's published works and broadcasts is listed below. For more
information, visit

Interests: Community service, downhill skiing, water sports, word/logic/math puzzles, the arts, and cultural activities.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Reseller's Handbook
  • Alternative Serving Wire Center Service [chapter in DISASTER RECOVERY SERVICES FROM NEW YORK TELEPHONE]
  • Focus on disaster recovery: New services address need for prevention/recovery [article in THE MARKETING FORUM]
  • Selection of regulatory filings with the Federal Communications Commission
  • The Effects of Military Involvement On a Multicultural American Family [Multimedia cultural documentation project]
  • Alternative Serving Wire Center Service [article in NYNEX INFORMATION LETTER]
  • Tradition Runs Through It: Environment and Recreation in Provo Canyon [Exhibition, Ethnographic Study & Archive]
  • "Madea's Family Reunion"--laugh a lot, enjoy the view & seriously, uplift your consciousness
  • National Hurricane Awareness Week: Trends, Tips, and Tools
  • June 10, 2006: A Big Day For Small Cities And Towns
  • Rainbows After the Storm [autobiographical short story]
  • Professor Tolliver's Textbook Companion for GM400
  • FLEXPATH Digital PBX Disaster Recovery Service [article in the NYNEX INFORMATION LETTER]
  • The NYNEX Vision of the Future Conference [Introduction, synopsis and proceedings]
  • Using visual media for education and change management: Some social and psychological mechanisms that make visual media potent tools for promoting learning
  • Getting People to Adapt: Using Visual Media for Education and Change Management [abstract for a panel discussion]
  • Virtual communities: What, who, when, where, how, why and...why not?
  • Travel Review: Austrian Airline's smaller planes are uncomfortable for long hauls, even for smaller passengers
  • ON TV: Flavor of Love Season 2 Digs Deeper, Scrapes Bottom
  • 06-06-06 is a Bodacious Bonza Bottler Day
  • Expanding Digital Opportunity in New York City Public Schools: Profiles of Innovators and Leaders Who Make a Difference
  • Force in Focus: The Official Newsletter of Rainbow Sports and the Rainbow Sports Task Force (a division of Rainbow PUSH)
  • Articles in the Federal Issues Newsletter
  • Academic Manuals and Curricular Materials
  • Intellipath II Digital Centrex Disaster Recovery Service [article in NYNEX INFORMATION LETTER]
  • Getting People to Adapt: Using Visual Media for Education and Change Management
  • Movie Review: Madea\'s Family Reunion
  • May 5 is Cinco de Mayo (an historical holiday) and this month\'s Bonza Bottler Day (a marketer\'s dream)
  • Flavor Flav celebrates National Safety Month
  • SNAKES ON A PLANE isss Box Office King
  • NYNEX Service Company Business Plan and Related Communications
  • Vision of the future for the NYNEX regulated subsidiaries [article in NYNEX ANNUAL REVIEW]
  • Speeches written for business executives
  • Intellipath II Disaster Recovery Service [chapter in DISASTER RECOVERY SERVICES FROM NEW YORK TELEPHONE]
  • Creating an Active Learning Community for CPREAS (Community Philanthropy, Race & Equity in the American South), an initiative within the Ford Foundation-sponsored Community Philanthropy and Civic Culture Portfolio.
  • [Blog] Lisa Tolliver On Air and Online
  • Help Girls Fly and Achieve Other Fantastic Feats
  • Ganging Up Against the Bad Guys
  • MAT For Dummies (by Vince Kotchian & Edwin Kotchian; I am the Technical Editor)
  • Poetry

  • Balance
  • Patsy's Doubts (Fool's Errand)
  • Coach This! (in BEST POEMS AND POETS OF 2003 anthology)
  • A Haiku Celebrating Educators (in BEST POEMS AND POETS OF 2004 anthology)
  • Scripts

  • Bring Home the Bacon
  • Ubi Trek (a "Star Trek" takeoff on the Ubiquitous Perspective of Culture) [script and stage performance]
  • Other

  • Your Business Matters [Radio Show]
  • [Column] BlogCritics Writer: Lisa Tolliver
  • T3: Trends, Tips & Tools for Everyday Living [Radio Show]
  • Boomerang Contest (Best Foot Forward) [photograph]
  • SCORE-Counselors to America's Small Business [Radio Show]
  • The Lisa Tolliver Show [Radio Show]
  • Curricula, Syllabi and Other Course Materials